Eucalyptus & Rosemary Room and Body Spray

Our Eucalyptus & Rosemary Room and Body Spray will give you and your memory a boost!

Eucalyptus is high in antioxidants, helps people to breath, soothing and is a natural antiseptic.

Rosemary is also a  confirmed antioxidant, improves memory, enhances your mood, used for concentration and is anti-inflammatory.

This is a strong menthol combo and to be used lightly. Use one or two sprays under the ceiling fan to disperse the natural scent in a room.  If using to mist your personal clothing while wearing, hold bottle back about 12 inches for a fine wide mist.  This can be used in the shower by misting the shower walls, once or twice. Spray above the shower spray and allow the steam to infuse the essential oil vapors.

Linens such as curtains, rugs, duvets and fabric couches can be given a light mist to revive. Do not use this concentrated blend up close to light colored fabrics or delicate fabrics such as silks as it "might" discolor.

Ingredients - All natural eucalyptus, rosemary, distilled water base, aloe vera juice, plant glycerine and 1% grain alcohol.

4 oz atomizer mist glass or plastic bottle

UPDATE - Due to the bottle shortage involving the current situation in May 2020, this product may be altered in appearance from photos. Clear, Blue, Brown or glass bottles may be utilized.

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Smells good
Scent of clean, very earthy