Eye Makeup Remover

A gentle blend of grape seed, rosehip, geranium and natural plant glycerin.

 Geranium offers beneficial properties that can assist with acne and inflammation of the skin. It balances the production of sebum and stimulates the skin. The floral scent helps to ease depression and nervous tension and especially those experiencing menopausal symptoms.

Apply to a cotton round to gently remove all traces of eye make up. No rinsing required and does a good job removing waterproof mascara.

Offers a vitamin A, vitamin E, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and it's good for all skin types with moisturizing properties.

We enjoy offering multi use products so feel free to use this all over your face or as a gentle moisturizer or any where on the body. If you would like to use this as a full face make up remover, gently wash your face with a gentle soap first to remove the bulk of it. Then use a cotton round with a full dropperful of the remover to then remove the final traces of make up as it moisturizes. Rinsing is optional.

1 ounce glass  bottle with dropper included. Shelf life is approximately  8  months. Please keep this and all oils at room temperature away from heat and sunlight.

No petroleum and no preservatives are ever found in any of our products.



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Customer Reviews

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Emily Moreland
So easy!

I have been using the Eye Makeup Remover since it was available. It is one swipe & done!

Jamie Zwicker
Eye Make Up Remover

Love this remover! It works really well!

Susan Mckay

This works great for eye and all make up removal!

Eye makeup remover

Best eye makeup remover! I also use it as an eye moisturizer! My eye area was quite sensitive and always got red and swollen with other products! This is very soothing and I’ve never had a reaction from it! Great product 😊

Arlene Lozada

Work really good!