Farm Fresh Eggs

We offer on occasion, farm fresh eggs for local pick up only and direct sell.

Our hens are free range but are kept in large open airy coops in the evening to protect them from predators. They are fed the highest quality feed with mostly fresh herbs such as parsley, cilantro, chickweed and  bahia grass. We offer them fresh organic fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

We collect the eggs daily and they go straight into protective egg cartons and immediately offered up.    All of our eggs are fresh layed!

We have multi colored eggs from white, beige, brown, blue or green.

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Customer Reviews

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Valerie Martin
So good!

I've ordered three dozen of these now and they never disappoint! So much better than store bought!

Pamela Archer

I love the farm fresh eggs. You really can tell the difference. They are fluffy & taste like real eggs. My husband loves them too. It’s fun to see the different colors depending on what the chickens are eating & I trust Christine feeds them only good natural food. I know they are fresh & haven’t been sitting in a store for a long time.

Tina Quinn

Farm Fresh Eggs

Fresh is best!

The eggs are yummy and farm fresh which is best!

Kathie S
Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm fresh vs store bought? No comparison!