Fire Ant Roller Ball

This little gem is excellent for when you are outdoors and accidentally step in a fire ant pile or if the little buggers find you, no matter what. Fire ants hurt and your skin immediately burns, itches and turns red. If not immediately treated, you can end up with an infection and itchy bumps for days. Everyone reacts differently to these biting ants, and with some people having severe reactions. The red bumps are unsightly and very irritating.

Apply this magic potion for immediate relief and use as needed, to keep treating it until the bites are gone. Handy to keep in your pocket, so you can treat on the spot! Safe for children and it immediately calms the young ones.

Made with healing castor oil, neem oil, grapeseed, tea tree essential oil, lavender essential oil and vitamin E. 

The castor oil on its own, is very skin healing and helps to heal inflamed skin. It is disinfecting and helps with pain.  Neem oil has an "aspirin like" affect that helps rid bacteria on the skin. It helps to reduce redness and inflammation.  Tea tree in its own right, is a power house with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and healing properties.  The carefully measured lavender is just right to soothe, help with redness and itch. The vitamin E is a bonus for skin health!

The Fire Ant Roller Ball will arrive in a 10ml glass roller ball for easy and quick application. Shelf life is 1 year when kept away from direct sunlight and extreme heat.

Customer Reviews

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Catherine Griebel

It really does take away the itching that comes with bug bites. Love it!

Abigail Adamson
Immediate relief

I don't know which one of these ingredients is magic, but I've been bitten twice since getting this and it immediately stops itching as soon as I put it on.

Julie Waters
Fire Ant Roller Ball

This is especially great for kids. Works well on mosquito bites too. It is fast acting. Within a few minutes you almost forget that you were bitten.

A must have

I am not sure if it was an ant bite or mosquito bite my daughter had yesterday, but it took the pain right out and it looks better today. It has a double use🙌

Kelli Brinkman

IF YOU HAVE KIDS YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE!!! My daughters swell up instantly with any bug bite. This stuff works like magic to relieve the itching/ sting so they don’t scratch and make it worse. LIFESAVER