Sugar Face and Body Scrub Florida Orange

This energizing scrub is made with our own local Florida Oranges. Oranges are high in vitamin C, astringent, dissolves oil and grime, helps with skin tone and cleans deeply.

All of our sugar scrubs are made fresh to order. We use organic cane sugar, infused hand crafted herbal oils, grape seed, therapeutic essential oils and all fresh ingredients.

The oranges are zested, dried and powdered down to a fine grain to then be infused into your scrub. The fresh scent is amazing and very uplifting!

Our fresh scrubs do not require refrigeration and will last up to 3 months. Keep them fresh by making sure the lids are secure, using clean utensils and not allowing any water to come into contact, while in the jar.

Your scrub will arrive in a large 8 oz jar with a screw top lid.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Fresh from Florida

Smells so natural and clean, and the oil used is skin loving too. It takes significant restraint not to use the entire tub in one go because it's so enjoyable

Deirdre Piccoli

Love everything about this, especially the orange citrus smell, feeling rejuvenated and soft skin too
Oh and did I mention it’s completely organic!!!


I love all the body scrubs but I was especially excited for this one. I sent this to my sister in Vermont as part of a secret Santa gift. She loved it and all the other Florida orange products I added to it. It’s nice support a local business too!

Linda Rex
The best!

I love all ONL products but especially the scrubs. The Florida orange is uplifting and so yummy smelling. A good scrub makes my day.

Leigh Anne Kraus
Best Scrub EVER!

I just fell in love with the scent of this scrub. It is refreshing and perfect for my morning shower. It is my favorite!