Florida Sea Sponge

Our recent trip to the Florida gulf coast has given us the opportunity to bring back some gorgeous natural sea sponges!

Over on the gulf coast of Florida, there is a little sea side town call Tarpon Springs. Here is where you can purchase sponges right off the docks that are sustainably harvested and naturally dried and cleaned for you.

Using natural sea sponges for your routine self care will offer many benefits.  They are soft, hold water, can be used to apply soap and rinse with. They gently exfoliate and can be used on sensitive skin.

Being 100% natural and sustainable, they are also biodegradable, have no chemicals, no plastic and most definitely make a difference in the land fills, just like our Loofah sponges that we grow.

Synthetic sponges are made with polyester, nylon and polyurethane. While plastic sponges don't decompose, cellulose ones take about a year to fully do so. Generally, a year's worth of plastic sponges can last up to 52,000 years in a landfill.

We are offering 3 ways to enjoy a natural sea sponge!

1) Plain sponges that are 6-7 inches that are perfect for body.

2) Infused sponges with glycerine soap drizzled inside. This will allow you about 2-3 washes with the soap to then completely rinse out to then use your own soap with.

3) Embedded sponges in to a molded flower bar of pure glycerine soap. These bars are a softer soap and are made with sunflower oil, coconut oil, carrot seed oil, cucumber seed oil, raw honey and aloe vera. Glycerine soap is wonderful for both the face and body and work up a nice lather.

 Sea sponges are long lasting when taken care of.  Simply rinse well with warm water to be sure no soap is left and place somewhere to dry out in-between use.  These natural sea sponges are completely natural and organic and do not contain any bleach, chemicals or dyes.



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This sponge is my most favorite when I want to feel super pampered during washing. It feels so great on the skin and looks amazing. I love that it's from the sea.


Makes me feel like I am pampering myself. Exactly what I wanted!!!! The shipping was so fast too!!!

Love the infused one!

I LOVE the infused one! Got about 5 washed out of it before it sadly suds no more. Lol but the palm size sponge still works great with other soaps.

Whatever glycerine soap it was infused with I wish was sold as a bar by itself! I love it!