Healing Natural Lip Oil - Hemp & Manuka

One of the best ways to heal problematic lips is by using a natural healing lip oil!

This organic lip oil blend can be used anytime during the day as needed but it is especially important to use it at night,  just before bed. This is a gentle oil that will not sting dry cracked lips and will penetrate, get in between the cracks and flakes.  The skin on our lips is particularly susceptible to environmental stress because they don't contain oil glands like the skin on our body. 

Our lip oil was created in house with castor bean, jojoba, hemp seed, non synthetic vitamin E and a high grade Australian Manuka oil.

Castor bean is a rich natural moisturizer that is high in ricinoleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid. This is a well know humectant that helps to retain moisture by preventing water loss through the outer layer of your lip skin.

Jojoba is a type of liquid wax that contains essential vitamins such as Vitamin B and E, as well as key minerals such as zinc and copper, that soften the lips.

Hemp seed oil contains gamma linolenic acid (GLA), which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory while simultaneously encouraging skin growth and new cell generation.

We only use high quality non synthetic Vitamin E that is a well known antioxidant that fights against skin cell damage caused by free radicals. This vitamin could help reduce the signs of aging.

We use a very high quality Australian Manuka oil which  is from the myrtle family and offers a slightly sweet woodsy aroma. It can be compared to tea tree and offers many of the same benefits. Manuka is skin calming, heals and protects. This is the key ingredient that works very well with the above healing oils to create a powerful blend as a healing natural lip oil.

It is important to choose a lip treatment without flavor, sweetener, camphor or other additives that can irritate our encourage lip licking. The skin on your lips is very thin and sensitive because it is meant to help your mouth absorb and taste food. Our lip oil will have an earthy herbal scent and a taste that is appealing but not enough to encourage your sweet tooth.

For severe cases, we recommend to very gently exfoliate your lips with either gently using your toothbrush when brushing your teeth or use an approved fine grain lip scrub. Do not pick at the cracks or flaky skin as that can irritate your lips even more. After exfoliating, use the lip oil, allow it to sink in and then use a natural lip balm with beeswax, to seal in the moisture. Lip oil is made specifically to be absorbed like a lotion for lips.

The healing lip oil is not a barrier lip gloss, it is meant to sink in and heal from the inside out. You will find this treatment to be soothing and will not be sticky or goop up.  Be sure to use a lip "balm" as stated above to finish your lip treatment.

For severe cases that are being caused by medications, constant mask wearing, medical treatments or extreme outdoor elements....it is very important to drink large amounts of beneficial liquids daily. We highly recommend applying a local "raw" unprocessed honey straight from the jar and slather your lips as a lip mask. Allow it to penetrate for at least 15 minutes, this can be done daily. After the honey mask, apply the healing lip oil, allow this treatment to sink in and then finally seal it with an all natural beeswax lip balm. We offer several healing beeswax lip balms that go very well with this product.

Safe for all ages with a shelf life from 6 and up to 8 months. Please do not share this product and be sure to wipe the applicator clean if using to apply over another lip product. It is important to prevent contamination to ensure the quality and benefits.

10 ml lip tube with contoured applicator and made with pure organic ingredients.

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Customer Reviews

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Cassie Ware

I had not realized how dry my lips would get during the day until I started using this product. My lips feel soft and moist all day.

Monica S

My lips were so dry and chapped from the cold weather and windy days. After using this with the pink lip balm for a short time, my lips feel amazing.


This is Miracle Oil. I have such dry lips from medication I take, tried this as soon as I got it. It is amazing. I am using it throughout the day and at bedtime. If you want soft, smooth lips get this oil and keep it with you!!