Herbal Tea - Chocolate Chai Tea

This is a limited batch of Chocolate Chai tea that is made with fragrant herbs, raw chocolate and in a rooibos base.

It is a rich herbal organic tea made with rooibos, ginger root, cardamom, raw cocoa nibs and raw cocao.  Rooibos has a welcomed earthy nutty like flavor and when blended with these particular herbs and a lovely hint of chocolate, its as decadent as it sounds.

Brew it on its own to then add cream and a sweetener to give your sweet tooth or coffee craving some satisfaction. You can also add vanilla extract or cinnamon!

Brew it to make an authentic Chai Tea to take it to another level! This blend is used to make a Chai tea by boiling these spices to then use this base to then steep a black tea bag in it. 

To make authentic Chai, boil 1 Tbs of this blend per 1 cup of water for 10 to 15 minutes. You can do this by putting the tea in a small stove top pot to then use a strainer to pour the tea into another container.  Strain and use this tea ( Instead of water ) to then steep a black tea bag for 4- 8 minutes. Then strain the black tea to then decide if you would like to enjoy it hot or iced. Add in sweetener such as honey while the brew is hot to then pour over ice to enjoy an iced Chai or you can enjoy a warm comforting brew.

Customer Reviews

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Chocolate chai tea

Another soothing and delicious tea! Add some of the chocolate honey and you’ll get addicted! Another one of my favorites ☺️

Kathie S
Chocolate and Tea-winning combo!

The subtle combination of flavors hits the spot and when coupled with their chocolate honey? Soooo good.

Tasty Treat

I love this to treat myself. It has lots of wonderful warm flavors to help spoil yourself. I added some of their lavender honey which just put it over the top!

Chai Tea

Love this tea. Nice soothing flavors. Add the chocolate honey and oh my it’s delicious!!