Herbal Clay Mask

This is a  cleansing mask that gets down deep into your pores to lift and dissolve dirt, build up and bacteria that is trapped where you normally cannot reach.  It is excellent for acne and as a facial detox.

Use this to tone the skin and to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Ingredients - Bentonite, calcium,  mineral water, organic apple cider vinegar, tea tree, lavender and finely powdered garden sage.

Apply to clean dry skin and allow to "just" dry, about 5- 8 minutes. Then rinse with tepid water and pat dry. Do not allow the mask to completely dry and crack.  This is good for all skin types and can be used daily , depending on your skin type and activities. If you're outdoors daily with normal to oily skin, this can be used daily. If your indoors with sensitive skin, then once to twice a week is agreeable.

If the mask is left on too long to where it is completely dry and cracking, it will possibly make your face red and could be time consuming to remove. This is because the active ingredients have done its job at deep cleansing but now it is working on the top layer of dead skin on your face.  Not to worry, as any redness  will fade in about 30 minutes. You will still have beautiful bright skin but this is not the recommended way to use the mask.

For acne, you may spot treat as much as you like. Allow the mask to completely dry  on your spots and then re-hydrate with a bit of water on your fingertips. Repeat. The herbal mask will help shrink and dry up acne.

Use as an all natural first aid for itchy or infected mosquito or fire ant bites. Apply just as you would for acne.

This mask can be used as a face cleanser or for the body. Just use like soap, apply with your hands, then rinse off.

Helpful tips - Use our loofah rounds to re-hydrate the mask by pressing a soaked loofah with water against the face by pressing and tapping. Once the mask is re-hydrated, then gently feather/drag the loofah without pressing, to gradually remove the mask. Never allow the mask to set over 10 minutes.

Feel free to do a hand or foot mask! Its refreshing and aids in smoother skin. It offers antibacterial and anti fungal properties so it will definitely aid in any hand and foot skin infections.

Do a full body mask while in the shower or just before getting in the tub to do a full body detox.

 Store your mask in the fridge for extended shelf life or you may leave it on the counter or in shower. Always keep the lid on, never add other ingredients and only use a wooden tool to mix or scoop out.

It is important to never use anything metal when handling this mask. It has a deep drawing action and will pull any metals. When applying the mask to your face, it pulls environmental toxins out from your skin and into the clay, including metals.

If your mask happens to dry out, just add a few drops of distilled water and mix it in to reactivate with a wooden utensil.  Shelf life is approximately 2 months, depending on how it is handled. This is a fresh made mask without preservatives. 

When ordering this mask, it will be made fresh just before we ship it to you.

Packaged in a 2 ounce volume smooth sided plastic jar with screw on lid. Total product weight 3.5 oz.

We recommend to follow up with a rich moisturizer such as our Lavender Face Cream.



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Customer Reviews

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Makes your face feel like silk
You don't get itchy burny or red

Love the mask. It works

I love this mask. You can feel it working. And makes face feel smooth

Jeinly Ortiz
Love this

I have rosacea and had a recent break out. I have used this mask and it leaves my skin refreshed with a cool and clean sensation. I noticed it calmed the heat feeling and redness on my face. Smells nice not overpowering. I used a silicone mask brush to apply so I didn’t have to dip my fingers in it and introduce bacteria into the bottle. it is easier to spread and apply evenly on face. Found the applicator at dollar store. I been using it following the recommendation and it’s working great!! Even if you are on the fence about it I say try anyways and see for yourself. Can’t really describe it perfectly how fresh and clean your skin feels afterwards.

Deirdre Piccoli
Herbal Clay Mask

This is so creamy, makes it easy to apply all over my face and smells really nice too. I love the fact that all of the ingredients are natural and safe for my skin

Rachel T.

I love using this. My skin feels so tight and clean after using it.