Herbal Oral Throat Spray

This is an all natural throat spray to be used daily as a breath freshener, to assist with oral health or throat issues.

One mist will offer an instant cooling and minty taste.

Refreshing, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Contains our organic oregano hand crafted  herbal tincture, organic peppermint, stevia extract, raw honey, honey bee propolis and grain alcohol. 

We grow our own organic oregano which we then air dry and create a tincture with. Peppermint grows throughout our chemical free property and additionally provides fragrant flowers for our honey bees. We grow our own stevia plant that our bees just love!  Raw honey and propolis is harvested directly from our own bee hives.

 All the ingredients are individually created and then specially blended together.

Shelf life one year and can be kept at room temperature.

Makes an excellent emergency hand spray to disinfect.


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Love it!

Thankful for this!

Abigail Adamson
Keep it in my purse

I use this regularly after eating or even if I feel a tickle in my throat because the air in my office is dry. Great balance of sweet and mint.

Great Oral Spray

I absolutely love this product and try to always keep it on hand!

More, Please!

I bought this once and my husband told me to keep buying it over and over. He loves the taste. I love the homegrown oregano, honey, propolis, and honey! What a powerful combination. This makes a great breath freshener too ;)

Deirdre Piccoli
Herbal throat spray

I love the taste, so fresh with oregano and mint plus honey so much better than store bought mints