Herbal Tea - Hibiscus

Our organic Hibiscus flower ( sabdariffa) can be used both for hot tea, iced tea or for culinary. Use 1-2 tsp, up to a full tablespoon per 8 oz of very hot water. Cover and steep for 8 - 10 minutes. Add lemon, honey or stevia to enhance the flavor.   

Hibiscus is loaded with vitamin C, highly antioxidant, is used to support high blood pressure, promotes liver health and is high in polyphenols.  Polyphenol compounds have been shown to have anti cancer fighting properties.

Hibiscus is a bit like the healthy version of fruit punch. It is super tart on its own but when you add a natural sweetener, its just like a fruity punch and the kids love it!

If you are an avid drinker of loose leaf tea, you can create your own combos of herbal tea.  Hibiscus goes well with green tea, elderflower, peppermint and chamomile.

Our dried hibiscus can be added to batter, baking, cookies, soups and other foods. Some of the larger dried flowers might have to be re-hydrated a little with a mist of water or allow to sit in the batter to re-hydrate and soften.

We use hibiscus quite alot here on our farm and we really enjoy doing an overnight cold infusion.  Just add about 4-6 whole dried flowers or 1 tablespoon  to a 24 ounce sized container of water or travel tumbler. Let it infuse in the fridge over night and then grab and go with it in the morning. Its  a super refreshing beverage to have on hand!

Hibiscus makes excellent popsicles, flavored ice cubes and a natural food dye. This tea goes very well with our Cinnamon Infused Honey and our Orange Infused Honey.

Approximately 2 oz bag / 10 Tbs

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Customer Reviews

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Love it cold!

I brewed a big pot and included a cinnamon stick. I love it cold. very refreshing and different.

Tina Quinn
Hibiscus 🌺 heaven

I've definitely been spoiled by this wonderful tea. The flavor is awesome! The longer you let the cold brew sit the stronger the taste. My problem is I am impatient 🙃 so I keep 2 bottles going at all times. We use about 6 different teas from ONL hibiscus is by far my taste buds favorite 😋

Cold Brew

I made the cold brew recipe, added a spoonful of honey and the cinnamon tincture and it's so good!

I can see using this in a lot of differnt things. It adds tang without a lot of flavor so it would pair well with almost anything.

Silvia G
It’s become my daily morning tea

I have always loved tea every morning, but this tea feels like a treat every morning, so it’s nice to look forward to it when brewing it. I put a little raw honey that I also buy on this site, and yum, yum, yum!

Awesome teas

All the teas have been so yummy and so good for us!!!
Give em a try!