Herbal Tea - Palo Azul Detox

Palo Azul is native to the Southern United States and is a tree bark that has been used for hundreds of years by herbalists. Palo Azul is also called Kidney Wood or Blue Stick. You may see a slight cobalt blue tint at the top of your brew and your tea will be a carmel colored to deep brown. The longer you brew it, the deeper in color.

Benefits - Used as a daily tonic like tea and to assist with the kidneys and detoxification. This tea has done wonders for many of our clients that suffer from gout.

This tea can be enjoyed both hot or iced and is consumed without adding sugar. Please to not add sugar to this particular tea and to try it on its own. A few drops of vanilla extract will greatly enhance the woodsy flavor.

This particular tea is specifically weighed out to make 1 full gallon at once. Please store your tea in a non plastic container, preferably glass, in the fridge.  Consume your tea over the next 2 days until gone for best results.  

To Prepare - Use a large stainless steel stock pot and fill with one gallon of non treated water. Do not use tap water that contains fluoride or chlorine. Add the entire back that is premeasured into the pot and bring to a simmer. Simmer gently while covered for atleast 30 minutes. Turn off heat and allow to cool enough to then strain. The tea should be a deep amber with a blue surface hue. Store the tea in glass containers in the fridge and consume withing 1-2 days in order to get the full benefits. It can be made to  enjoy as a daily beverage and can be kept in the fridge for a week but for full detoxifying benefits, it is best to consume immediately.

May we recommend other complimentary products such as Dandelion Root, Ginger Root, Turmeric and Milk Thistle tinctures. These are all excellent detoxifying herbs!

1.5 ounce wt

Customer Reviews

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Fabulous tea!

Beneficial and flavorful! My fourth purchase of this tea. There's plenty of material on the internet describing the benefits of this herbal tea… you’d be surprised! The taste is hard to nail down, maybe earthy or woodsy. I really like it! The blue halo/tint is pretty cool too!. Sometimes I add just a bit of honey for a hint of sweetness. The straightforward instructions are easy to follow. Don’t be skeptical… try it!

Excellent Detox Tea

Made this twice now. Love the woody flavor. Easy to make and easy to drink. Sometimes I add honey, sometimes I don't. I've added vanilla flavoring to one batch and an orange flavoring to another. Looking forward to a third detoxing soon.


This tea is great to avoid a full blown kidney stone episode!

Kim Morgan
Pali Azul Tea is great!

I purchased two of the 1oz packets of Pali Azul bark. It’s easy to make and after adding a little honey and vanilla, it’s very pleasant. After drinking it over a 2-day period, I ate red meat and did not experience gout issues. I’m very pleased!

Great Detoxing

I started intermittent fasting some time back and this tea helps me sustain and also helps to detox my body. It is my go to drink besides water during the day!