Herbal Tea - Peppermint

You will immediately be please when your receive a bag of our peppermint tea!  Open the kraft paper bag and you will see and smell the intense freshness and your senses will immediately recognize the uplifting benefits!

When brewing a this tea, hold the cup just under the nose to inhale the natural mint essential oil as you enjoy your beverage. The warm vapors will help to open sinuses and relieve sinus pressure and headaches. 

Peppermint is used for better digestion, upset tummy, heart burn, gas, bloating and it has anti bacterial properties.

Our peppermint is organic and can be used both for hot tea, iced tea or for culinary. Use 1 tsp, up to a full tablespoon per 8 oz of very hot water. Cover and steep for 8 minutes. Add lemon, honey or stevia to enhance the flavor. 

Make a strong brew, chill in fridge and use as a facial astringent or final hair rinse.

Drink up to 4 cups daily.

10 Tbs or 1 ounce total in each bag.

Need a loose tea strainer? We have those!

Note- Not recommended for those with gastrointestinal reflux, inflammation or ulcers.

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Customer Reviews

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Love the taste

Recieved this tea as a sample with an order and I love the taste !

Tina G

Just the right amount of mint.
My favorite ice tea.
Very refreshing on a hot day!