Hibiscus Syrup Concentrate

This is one of our top family favorites to have on hand and especially during the hot summer months!

We use this concentrate to make convenient beverages that help to boost our immune system, encourage us to stay more hydrated and improve our overall health. Hibiscus (Roselle) offers a tangy fruity taste and is delicious over ice.  Just simply add 1-2 Tbs per 1 cup of water and enjoy!

Be your own mixologist and add things like lightly bruised herbs,  muddled berries or sliced fruit with your beverage.  Hibiscus goes well with mint, lemongrass, lemon balm, rosemary and basil.  Fruit such as blueberries, blackberries, oranges, limes, lemons, peaches and watermelon also pair nicely.

This antioxidant rich herb is used to help with high blood pressure, supports the heart, supports the liver, promotes weight loss and contains high levels of polyphenols. Many have reported to have more energy and stayed hydrated longer. This herb contains vitamin A, vitamin B, high amounts of vitamin C and zinc.

This concentrate is "Perishable" and must be kept refrigerated. The shelf life is up to 3 months or you may freeze it up to 6  months.  Anyone may enjoy this when mixed with water as recommended. We do NOT recommend drinking it in large amounts, undiluted.

8 oz glass bottle , fresh made.

Customer Reviews

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Hibiscus Syrup Great !!!!

The syrup is great. I use it in water, also.with green tea. nice and refreshing. drink.


This was so delicious! I added this to my water, to ice tea and it was very refreshing! Please please please restock 😊


This is one of the finest things you have ever brewed! The color, aroma, and taste was pure perfection! I could use this for everything from flavoring my water to making a cocktail.

Hibiscus syrup

Another great product from ONL! I Mix it with a tall iced cup of water and enjoy the great taste! I have High blood pressure and been using the hibiscus products as a healthy alternative. So happy to say that I have definitely seen a big difference! Thank You Christine for another great product 👍🏼


Loved the hibiscus syrup! Tastes great in my water bottle I take to you but I should have brought two.