Raw Honey Face Wash

An all natural face wash that includes our own raw honey, organic unrefined coconut oil, orange essence, lemon, grapefruit  and lavender infused  plant based, castile soap. For dry and problem skin. Moisturizing and cleansing.

Raw honey offers naturally exfoliating enzymes, vitamins and minerals and contains hydrogen peroxide made by nature.

Lemon oil contracts and tones tissue with brightening benefits and offers vitamin C.

Orange essence is high in vitamin C and is a good tonic for all skin types that also offers a toning effect.

Grapefruit essential  oil offers vitamin C, anti-septic properties, contracts and tones skin tissue.

Apply a small amount to your face and gently wash in circular motions, allowing the raw honey to penetrate the layers of your skin. Rinse with warm water and pat skin dry.  You will feel the face wash immediately start to work with its  natural enzymes exfoliating the top layer of skin. If you have sensitive skin, you will need to apply the honey face wash and immediately rinse within a minute or two. Never fear if you feel the tingling, just rinse it off a bit sooner. Some skin types require a bit longer of an application and some sensitive skin types only need a minute.  If you happen to have extremely sensitive skin and decide to not use this face wash, it can be used as a lovely body wash or used in your bath water as a soak.

This wash is  naturally antibacterial and anti fungal and can be used as a first aid wash for minor cuts and scrapes. The pH balance is approximately 7.5 to 8.5.

As a hair repair treatment, you may apply to ends of hair and dry strands. Apply to damp hair, allow to set and then shampoo and condition as normal. You only need a small amount to do this but experiment until you find the right amount.


Shelf life - 1 year. 

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Customer Reviews

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Pam Allen

This is my first time using their products. I got the raw honey face wash which I absolutely love. It is cleared up the sores that I had on my face. So I started using it in the shower all over my body and it cleared the sores up on my body too. It makes my skin really soft and clean and fresh. I also got the deodorant, frankincense and Mer scent. I absolutely love the deodorant too. It works really well. I will be ordering more products from this company. The shipping was fast and everything was packaged really beautifully. Awesome company and products. Thank you. It’s refreshing to have a company that really cares about the quality of the product that they put out. It shows integrity, and there’s a lot of that missing these days. Thank you again, Pam Allen.

Rosie McHugh
Cleared my forehead acne right up!

10/10! Really helped my fungal forehead acne! Non-stripping either

Melissa Windsor
Love it❣️

My skin looks and feels better than it has in a long time. I was really surprised to see how very little it takes to wash your face! I will definitely be using this product from now on.

Genuinely Amazing

I have bought this raw honey face wash 3 times now. It lasts so long since you only need a tiny bit to lather your face. I use it every now and then on my hair and shoulders because it cleans really well and helps my acne a ton while keeping my face moisturized. I even an extra sample size for another few products in my orders for free which was great and very thoughtful. Thank you Christine!

Kathie S
Clean and natural

There are no ingredients that I can’t pronounce-just a clean natural product that is beneficial to my skin.