Honey Stick Straw

These stick / straws are filled with 100% raw wild flower honey from happy and healthy American honey bees. 

Grab one for on the go to add to tea, water, as a snack, children's treats or use with yogurt or oatmeal.

Honey stick / straws are a great way to have your raw honey on hand anywhere!

On occasion, we are able to offer naturally infused cinnamon honey sticks or sometimes we can do a seasonal orange blossom honey but most of our Honey Sticks are seasonal wildflower.


Customer Reviews

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Kathie S
Honey stick LOVE

What’s not to love? I keep them in my studio in the event my clients need some quick energy. I also keep them in my backpack in the event I need them during a run or hike. They are versatile and portable.

Kimberly Jones
No more coughing!

The Honey Straw Sticks are an excellent choice for children who struggle with allergies/ cough from post-nasal drip. My kids always struggle when they lay down at night and within 10 minutes of giving them a honey stick they relax and sleep peacefully. Always a must have on hand for my household!

Stephanie Siefker
Honey on the Run...

If you like ONL honey, you are going to love their honey sticks. I call it my “honey on the go” I am planning a trip to Alaska, and I just packed my honey sticks to take with me hiking.

Christina R
Sweet Treat

Kiddos love enjoying these on the go and mom does too!

Love the Honey Straws

I really liked the convenience of these Honey straws when on the go.
I can use them as bribes/rewards for my granddaughters (7&5). Without the guilt of giving them junk food. You should see how fast they clean up, knowing a Honey Straw is waiting for them.😉 They are the girls favorites! Reese (5) said: she wishes the straws were bigger😂🤣😂