Honey Stick Straw

These stick/straws are filled with 100% raw wild flower honey from happy and healthy American honey bees. 

Grab one for on the go to add to tea, water, as a snack, children's treats or use with yogurt or oatmeal.

Honey stick straws are a great way to have your raw honey on hand anywhere!


Customer Reviews

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Kimberly Jones
No more coughing!

The Honey Straw Sticks are an excellent choice for children who struggle with allergies/ cough from post-nasal drip. My kids always struggle when they lay down at night and within 10 minutes of giving them a honey stick they relax and sleep peacefully. Always a must have on hand for my household!

Stephanie Siefker
Honey on the Run...

If you like ONL honey, you are going to love their honey sticks. I call it my “honey on the go” I am planning a trip to Alaska, and I just packed my honey sticks to take with me hiking.

Christina R
Sweet Treat

Kiddos love enjoying these on the go and mom does too!

Love the Honey Straws

I really liked the convenience of these Honey straws when on the go.
I can use them as bribes/rewards for my granddaughters (7&5). Without the guilt of giving them junk food. You should see how fast they clean up, knowing a Honey Straw is waiting for them.😉 They are the girls favorites! Reese (5) said: she wishes the straws were bigger😂🤣😂


My little one LOVES these! She ask for them as her 'dessert' (actually more frequently than that lol.) When we bring her to the Farmer's market, she always makes us stop at Brent's tent first to stock up! So glad that ONL began offering as well!