Immunity Oxymel


An Oxymel is a mixture of honey and raw vinegar, used as medicine and/or preventative care.  The word oxymel means acid (oxy) and honey (mel).  There are all kinds of oxymel blends that are used for digestion, respiratory issues, cold and flu.

Our Oxymel is made with live raw probiotic rich apple cider vinegar that is made in house and infused with beneficial herbs.  The process takes about 4 - 6 weeks to make the raw herbal vinegar and it is ready when we see a firm SCOBY formed at the top of the menstruum.  A SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) forms in a gelatinous bio-film at the surface and is shaped like a pancake floating on the top of  live raw vinegar.  The menstruum ( raw vinegar ) is used to extract important vitamins, minerals and other beneficial properties. We do remove the actual SCOBY when we are ready to finish making the oxymel but there are still little bits and pieces that you may find floating around and this is totally natural.

Our Immunity Oxymel is made with mostly Elderberry with additional herbs such as rosehips and ginger root.  The Elderberry is organic and wild crafted on site. Our rose hips come from our personal rose bushes or are shipped in from North Carolina from a family member that also grows them organically. The ginger root is organic and also grown on site. All 3 of these herbs with the raw vinegar and our onsite raw honey are all beneficial for cold, flu and upper respiratory infections. It can be used daily as a preventative or have on hand when your are feeling the first symptoms of being sick.

This is a shelf stable product and can be kept out on the counter but we highly recommend to store it in the refrigerator. Do not heat this product or allow it to get warm by leaving it in a hot vehicle or outdoors. Shelf stable in the refrigerator for 6 months or in the pantry for 3 months.  Shake gently with each use.

When using the oxymel, you can absolutely measure it out "neat" and take it straight from the bottle. Some may find this blend to be to strong and you can mix it in any amount of water or any other beverage. It may be added to luke warm herbal tea, as long as it isnt steaming hot.

Oxymel is safe to use for children and they may actually enjoy the sweet tart taste to it and ask for more. It is recommended to not allow children under the age of 1 to consume raw honey or any products that contain raw honey.

Use 1 tsp daily as a preventative and to help boot the immune system or a 1/2 tsp every 2 hours when feeling sick. The shelf life is easy 6 months when stored correctly and be sure to give it a mild shake before each use.

Comes in a glass 4 oz  and 8 oz volume bottle and is very concentrated.

For more information with clinical studies and trials please refer to "Pages" and then click on "References" to review scientific evidence and published findings that support our products.



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Awesome products!

Love the quality and scents!


Easy was to get immunity booster and probiotics. Taste is easy to take even for teens.

Excellent Immunity source!

So thankful for this! Not only delicious, but the benefits, especially these days, are incomparable!

Allison Boyd
Immunity oxymel rave!!!

This stuff is ahhh-mazing!

Deirdre Piccoli
Taste great

Taste great, distinctive flavor that tells me it’s loaded with the good stuff to keep me going, it’s pure natural ingredients what’s not to love