Itchy Dog Spray

Florida can be brutal on our dogs with the heat, allergies and bugs. This light weight spray has been used by our family for several years now, here on the farm.

Appropriately blended with  pure aloe vera juice, chamomile extract, tea tree oil, lavender essential oil, peppermint and plant based glycerine.

Uses - Itchy skin, red skin, sun burn, flea bites, mosquito bites, yeast infection, rashes and fly bites. It can be used to clean the ears, a preventative on the belly before going out in tall grass and to cleanse the paws before coming into the house.  It has so many uses and is very safe and gentle. It is so gentle, that it even can be used on people. Please do not use on cats or other small animals like rabbits. Its potency is blended just for dogs and can be used multiple times daily. 

Safe for dogs over the age of 12 weeks and as with all new products, please use a small amount on an area as a test patch first and watch for any reactions. This product does have chamomile in it which can cause a reaction to dogs that are allergic to ragweed, that is in the same plant family. 

When using holistic products on animals, be aware of the layering affect if using multiple products on the same day.  Animals can be sensitive and when using multiple products with same/similar ingredients, it could cause a reaction from the over use of a single ingredient.  Be mindful to not mix chemical products with holistic products.

A light mist should take care of most issues. Spray a cloth first to then wipe the ears safely and avoid the eye area.

Shelf life is one year and please store in a cool area away from direct sunlight.

This product is bottled in a 4 ounce heavy duty aluminum bottle with a fine mist spray applicator. 

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Customer Reviews

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Works for my allergic to everything dog

We have that dog that is allergic to everything on the ground. If she runs through the grass, weeds, and whatever the neighbors oak tree is leaving, her feet would get so itchy she chewed them. At the first sign of itching we spray this on our hands and rub her feet. No more chewing sores.

Mary T
Dog spray

At first my dogs were like what are you doing with that can in your hand lol, but they didn’t mind once I started using it on them. It’s has a good smell it seems to be helping them.

Itchy dog spray

I have a German Shepherd and she is always scratching. I have tried everything and nothing worked. I decided to try this natural spray and it has helped. If I see her starting to scratch, I spray her and it works immediately.

Tiffany Jean
Almost Instant ResultS

My dog is 6 and no matter what we have tried and that’s a lot.Still constant itching, chewing and bright red underneath. I swear I saw a difference in the first spray! Now after a few even better! Very happy and so is my dog. I can sleep without her waking me up all night scratching. Plus she smells so much better! We will definitely be using this daily. Thanks!

Great stuff!

Smells great and helps keep bugs away!