Lavender Culinary Extract

We make a Lavender Culinary Extract that is made with pure organic lavender herb buds, leaf and stem. It's a concentrate that can be used as flavoring in both drinks and food. Only a few drops is needed to create a refreshing lavender water or a lavender oatmeal breakfast.

It can be used for baking, pancakes, batter, dressings, adult beverages, in a marinade and more.

Make a batch of fresh lemonade and then add some Lavender Extract to give it that extra "WOW" !    Everyone has their own idea on how strong or light it should be, so experiment to find the amount that works best for you.

Fill an ice cube tray with spring water and then add 5 drops per cube and freeze for a flavorful punch to iced tea, lemonade or water. Feel free to add things from the garden to give color (that are safe) like a rose petal per cube, common marigold, common violet, common decorative hibiscus, daisy, common clover leaf, as long as they are clean and pesticide free. 

Add 10 drops to a 4 ounce glass of water or other beverage, to be sipped right at bedtime to assist with sleep. This is excellent for children by making them their own "bedtime tonic" with 5 drops to 4 ounces of beverage.  This is quite useful when traveling long distances. Play around with the amount of drops to find your perfect blend.

This herbal extract has many uses and can additionally be used as a topical! Apply a few drops at the wrist and enjoy that lavender scent! A few drops in the palm of your hand and spread it through your hair.  Do a foot bath or add several drops to your soaking bath tub for relaxation. 

Have you ever tried Hot Lavender Chocolate ?  Lavender and chocolate make an amazing combo!

So many possibilities within this 1 ounce glass bottle of lavender extract!

shelf life 1 yr +


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Customer Reviews

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Jamie Zwicker
Love it!

This is soooo good! I put it in my water and my tea! Yummy to my tummy!!!


I love love this extract. I put it in my coffee with a drop of the cayenne extract and is simply delicious. I don’t leave home with out it. Give it a try!!!

Awesome product

I just really enjoy this in my evening tea at night!

Dora Diaz

I love this extract for several uses. I put it in my water at night, I can make lavender lemonade, I like to place a drop on my wrists for aromatherapy. Very yummy!