Lavender Face Serum

This gentle serum is one of our original products created several years ago and has remained to be one of the top requested items.

This was created as a daytime moisturizer and goes on wonderfully under make up. It helps reduce redness, dark circles under the eyes and nourishes the skin. It seems to help prevent fine lines and keeps skin hydrated throughout the day.

Only a few drops are needed, since it is concentrated, to gently spread on your face and can be used twice a day. 

It is made with a grapeseed base, Lavender (lavandula angustifolia ) infused oil, rosehip seed and natural vitamin E.  Simple healing ingredients that offer multiple benefits for well being.

Lavender assists with puffiness, redness, acne, irritated skin and more.

Rose hip (Rosa mosqueta)  is high in vitamin C. It is rejuvenating and healing to the skin.  It is reputed to help in healing radiation burns from cancer treatments.

The grape seed is cold pressed and offers a light non greasy base. It is suitable for most skin types and penetrates the skin quickly. This blend is considered hypoallergenic as most of our products are.

Other uses for this serum - bruising, swelling, sunburn, bug bites, wasp stings, eczema and hives. It works very well for itchy skin anywhere on the body, including the groin area.

It can also be used at night on the tops of your hands, forearms and chest just before bedtime, for calming effects. Use on the bottom of the feet for children, after an evening bath, just before bedtime.

Very popular for teens and is safe to use daily on ages 6 yrs and older.

 1 oz glass bottle with dropper included. / 1 year shelf life. 

Pairs well with our Lavender Sugar Face & Body Scrub!

Customer Reviews

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Linda Wilson
Lavender face serum

I developed psoriasis about 4 months ago. I started out using this serum because it said “for skin issues “, along with”itch”. I went to the Dr. and he put me on a prescription- it stopped the itch also, but didn’t stop it from spreading. Now I have spots of psoriasis from my chin to the tops of my feet. I went back to your serum because it isn’t spreading and it stopped the itch. Since I use it all over my body, I use quite a bit, but I love it.


If you have dryness, redness, itchiness, sensitivity or just like to feel luxurious, this serum is for you.

The only thing I put on my face

Used to purchase locally when living in FL. Moved to MT and am so happy I can still purchase my favorite facial serum! The packaging is excellent and was shipped in a timely manner. I will always recommend OWNL! This stuff is amazing during the harsh winter months.

Kaye H
Super Serum!

I love this serum. First time I've tried it. My face is extremely dry so I was looking for a natural remedy. Only takes a small amount and boy does it feel good!! Try it!

Paula Baxter
Magical cream

I have been having extreme itching on my never. I've tried otc creams recommended by the doctor and pharmacists with no relief. Tried this cream and had an immediate calming effect on my skin.