Lavender Facial Toner

Lavender Facial Toner clears pores, treats acne, tones the skin and gives you a clean slate to then moisturize.

This should be a staple in everyone's routine as it deeply cleanses, helps with redness, and is excellent to prevent or treat acne prone skin. This toner can be used for any skin type as it is properly pH balanced and offers a calming lavender natural scent.

Contains organic aloe juice, witch hazel, lavender extract, lavender essential oil, lavender buds and tea tree oil.  All the ingredients are anti-inflammatory and excellent for all skin types. This toner is made in house with real aloe vera and infused for weeks with organic lavender buds.

Aloe vera moisturizes, treats acne and soothes redness. Witch hazel treats acne, soothes redness, is a astringent and breaks down dirt and oil. Lavender is a powerhouse for the skin and it offers multiple benefits such as being anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, calms the skin, is antibacterial while continuing to be gentle enough for delicate skin & rosacea. We have added a little bit of tea tree as it pairs very well with lavender and offers additional antibacterial properties to help heal acne and blemishes.

To use start by washing your face with a natural cleanser and pat dry. Apply the toner on a cotton round or ball and gently wipe your face, avoiding the immediate eye area and be sure to additionally go over your neck and behind your ears. Finally, apply a natural moisturizer to the cleaned areas and allow your face to naturally air dry. 

Feel free to use it when you wake up to utilize its refreshing properties or any time during the day.

With the facial toner offering so many healing properties, you can certainly use it on bug bites, sunburn, itch, to cleanse a minor cut, on hemorrhoids, feminine itch and other minor complaints to help get relief. Safe for all ages.

This toner is for most skin types but we recommend it mostly for teens, acne prone skin, redness, blackheads and inflammation.

This has a shelf life of one year when kept away from direct sunlight and heat. 

Goes well with our Lavender Face Serum or Lavender Face Cream.


4 oz glass bottle with screw top lid

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Customer Reviews

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Carol Ramírez

This feels so fresh! Incredible

Abigail Adamson
Part of the routine

I use this before the lavender face serum and they are perfect together! I've also used it when I get a little pink from being outside and it is cool and refreshing.

Kayley. S.
Facial toner

I love using this toner. It is a staple in my skin care regimen. It smells fantastic and it doesn’t dry my skin out!