Aromatherapy Lavender Pillow

Lavender pillows offer many uses such as a way to benefit from aromatherapy, as a warm compress or as a cold compress. They are used to assist with sleep, for travel, young children, stress, anxiety, relaxation and for neck or lower back support.

The pillows are made with organic jasmine rice with a very large amount of dried organic lavender buds, all sewn inside a soft cotton pillow. The natural scent will last a few months and then you may refresh it with a few drops of your own essential oil or we can offer a separate purchase of lavender pillow spray.

Once the natural lavender buds scent fades, the use of the pillow is still very useful in the household.  If kept in the freezer, it's a first aid for bumps, bruises, fever, puffy eyes, headache or heat stress.   If you gently warm the pillow in the microwave, its wonderful on the back of the neck for strain or on the tummy when you have cramps. Leave the pillow in your bed for neck support or lower back support for when you sleep. 

Children love to have their own bedtime Lavender Pillow and it definitely helps them get to bed quicker and fall asleep faster. Be sure to bring it when traveling!

A warmed lavender pillow placed over the sinus cavity can help relieve sinus pressure and is wonderful to have on hand when not feeling well.

A warmed lavender pillow will give much relief to a painful jaw, ear ache or toothache.

The Lavender Pillows are individually hand sewn with a variety of natural cotton fibers and then stuffed "just right" with organic rice and organic air dried lavender buds.

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*** We sometimes carry other aromatherapy pillows in vanilla, mint and other natural scents.  See "Aromatherapy Pillow Selections" not listed here.

Pillows measure approximately 4" x 8".

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