Lavender Face Cream

Our Lavender Face Cream is one of our most popular products and is made with raw bees wax, grapeseed, organic coconut oil, red raspberry seed, hand crafted lavender oil, geranium and natural vitamin E. It is made in small batches as all our products are, to ensure the highest quality.

We do not use water to emulsify with or dilute our creams, so you will find this to be a very rich, concentrated, and that it only requires a few dabs at a time to moisturize.  What a store bought 8 oz "lotion in a bottle" offers, will be found in our 2 oz cream in a jar, without the chemicals and preservatives.  This cream not only moisturizes but it heals and is gentle for even the most sensitive skin.

When we incorporate the bees wax, it is carefully worked in a way to offer just the right consistency to help soften fine lines and not clog pores. It can be used under make up and it really enhances the application if you use a mineral make up.

The Lavender Face Cream can be used anywhere on the body but it is specially made for the face and neck. The scent is light enough for you to enjoy but not overpowering enough to overtake your personal scent or other people around you. 

Please protect this hand crafted cream by keeping it away from heat as it can liquify if placed in a hot area or it can become harder in a cold climate. Simply stir it, if you need to reblend it back to original consistency. As long as you can still smell the light lavender scent, then the cream has not lost its beneficial properties.

When you receive your jar of cream, the consistency will depend on the temperature. If you want a softer cream, just give the cream a little stir with a clean utensil or chopstick and it will soften right up. If you want it a little firmer, then pop it in the fridge for about 15 minutes.

Makes a wonderful after sun body moisturizer and is safe for all ages!

Arrives in a 2 oz wt food grade plastic jar with screw top lid. You will be able to reach every last drop without waste.


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Customer Reviews

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My go to cream every morning!!

This cream is light…smells so good & I absolutely love it!,

Carol Ramírez
I am obsessed

It feels so good on th skin, and smell amazing.

Changed my skin to wow

I've been using this face cream for about a month. My dry, almost chapped cheeks are now smooth and soft. I use a tiny, tiny amount of the cream on the tip of my finger. Start on my cheeks and then do my entire face. What's left on my finger I rub into my eyebrows. They are glossy and behaved. It worked so well that I bought the travel kit and started doing each step to take care of my face. Never too old to learn and have found a great product.


I’m in love with this product. I have not only used it for my face, but also for a burn and after a biopsy I had done in place of polysporin

Lavender Face Cream

This cream feels and smells amazing! I use it religiously and my teenager has started using it as well. It has helped her acne better than anything else!