Lavender Simple Syrup

Our Lavender Simple Syrup is quite a treat and it offers a quick and easy way to flavor your foods and drinks.

Made with organic raw cane sugar, distilled water, raw local honey, organic lavender flower, organic lavender leaf and hibiscus flower.

Lavender is very delicate to work with when using it for culinary, as it can turn very bitter quickly. Our family recipe is a perfect balance of floral lavender with a sweetness that allows you to enjoy this herb for both it’s benefits and taste. 

This herb is well known for its calming and relaxing benefits when used in a beverage.

Use 1 tsp of the syrup per 1 cup of water for a light flavor during the day to help keep you relaxed and focused.

Make a stronger drink with using 2 tsp per cup and up to 2 Tbs  per cup as a bedtime drink that will help give you a better quality of sleep. 

This herb goes well in lemon water, plain water, hibiscus tea, green tea and chamomile tea, to name a few.  The syrup can be drizzled over vanilla or chocolate ice cream, on yogurt or blended with blueberries.  Add this syrup to a vanilla, chocolate or blueberry smoothie. 
Make a lavender rice pudding or lavender lemon ice cubes.  Simple syrups are also well known to be used in martinis and other mixers. The natural coloring can change when acidic ingredients such as lemon is blended with the syrup. 

Keep your simple syrup in the fridge for up to 2 months or freeze for up to 6 months. 

This will arrive in an 8oz glass bottle with a paper printed label attached. 

Customer Reviews

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So yummy!

OMG, this is delicious!!! Just put it in my iced tea and it was just so good! Can’t wait to try it in other things!

Emily Moreland
Happy Hour taken to a New Level

The Lavender Simple Syrup is the perfect product to put in your water during the day, try ice cubes. But Happy Hour has never been so good! I have experimented with Lavender Martinis 🍸, making them more relaxing than they already were. Pretty & oh so good. It is fun to experiment and make new recipes. Just trying to figure out how to get the last drops out of the bottle!