Rescue Balm

This is a soft but solid balm made with a raw organic shea butter base, natural beeswax, natural vitamin E, lavender and tea  tree essential oil.

All the ingredients have been specifically blended to create a top notch first aid balm that can be used by everyone, including children and pets.  Our key ingredient, Shea butter, is shipped to us direct from West Africa in its purest form. With our experience, we know that it cannot be remelted at a high temperature or it will remove its beneficial properties. Many store bought products with shea butter have been over heated and do not work as well as it should.  We are able to soften the shea butter to a specific degree to allow us to blend in gently with liquefied beeswax, to then allow it to solidify as it cools, with the additional added herbs. 

Extremely healing with additional vitamin A, essential fatty acid's, calming lavender and anti fungal tea tree. 

This can be used as a  daily moisturizer as well as being able to use it for first aid.

Apply to cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises,  ulcerated skin, cracked cuticles, cracked lips, blisters, callouses and more. This can be used in the bikini area to help with razor burn.

Rescue Balm is most popular as a daily treatment for eczema and psoriasis.

A note about Eczema:

We have had many successful stories and feed back in regards to this product working for eczema. Eczema is a type of dermatitis and is a chronic skin condition that is characterized by dry, itchy skin with the presence of small tiny bumps in red patches. With time, eczema can spread to other areas and can affect both children and adults.  Adult eczema is resistant to most traditional medications and becomes active with stress, poor diet, food allergies,commercial soaps and is susceptible to bacterial growth. Try deleting fabric softeners, dryer sheets and use a more natural detergent. Never use a topical with petroleum.

Home care for eczema  - oatmeal baths, moisturizing with Rescue Balm, avoid hot showers, rinse after being in a chlorinated pool, loose clothing and try to avoid becoming overheated. Drinking alcohol has been known to trigger eczema.

This product is excellent for minor cases of Psoriasis but if your are in need of a product that is a bit more stronger, see our Propolis Healing Salve. We offer several types of healing balms with an array of ingredients to accommodate any skin allergies.

Rescue balm is in a tin container with secure lid and is available in a 1 ounce and a 2 ounce size.


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Customer Reviews

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Leigh Anne Kraus
Great for dry skin!

I have tons of rescue balm all around the house! I use this mainly for my dry hands but I also use it anywhere some dry skin pops up, like my elbows or feet. It is so soothing and smells wonderful!

Jane G Reese
a staple in our cabinet

This is our fave go to for most boo boos and skin issues, along with even bug bites and bruises! and I use it tons in the winter!

Rescue Balm

This balm is amazing for dry, cracked cuticles and hands! My husband does gardening and loves the way this balm has healed his hands! Nothing else he tried worked! Great product with a nice light scent!

Catherine Griebel
Rescue Balm

Loving this product. Does help with the little bit eczema that I get.

Unbelievably Amazing

This balm is hands down the best for eczema!!! My 5 year old daughter developed horrible eczema that she had for months. We tried everything and nothing worked. It started to get unbearably itchy and inflamed. It also started to spread. I was desperate for something that would work and didn’t want a prescription. I remembered I saw something on this site for eczema and wasn’t sure why I didn’t try it before. Well, after one application the eczema isn’t inflamed and started to crust over and heal!!! One application!!!! My daughter was so excited she screamed, “ I love this cream and it’s working”, when I went to apply more the next day!!! I did also use the Nag Champa bar soap (only once so far too), so I am not sure if the combo helped to speed up the healing. If you suffer from eczema , get this and you won’t regret it!!!