Lemongrass Fine Face Scrub

This is a sugar scrub that is specially made just for the face and neck.

It is made with a very fine organic raw cane granule, fine powdered lemongrass, essential oil,  grapeseed and a very fine grade non synthetic vitamin E oil. This is a completely organic scrub with real plant ingredients that are most beneficial for the delicate skin on the face.

This scrub will get deep down into any enlarged pores and pull out the dirt and oil build up. Lemongrass is excellent for black heads and will loosen and dissolve them.

Lemongrass will help to enhance the overall skin texture and is detoxifying the skin and pores. This herb is especially useful for oily skin but may be used for all skin types. It is antioxidant and will aid in neutralizing the free radicals that is known to damage our delicate skin on the face. It does offer anti inflammatory benefits, as well as anti bacterial and will help to combat acne and black heads.

This scrub will help even skin tone, hydrate dry skin, improve the appearance of fine lines and help to renew skin cells. The fine grain will get deep down into all the fine crevices without the need to scrub or apply unnecessary pressure.  We cannot stress enough on how important it is to be very gentle with the skin on your face and neck.

Scoop out about a nickle size amount into the palm of your hand.  You can then add a few drops of water to thin it out if you like to then apply gently to the face. Use gentle circular motion with just your finger tips. The fine scrub is very concentrated, dense and with a finer consistency, its works very well for sensitive and delicate skin.  No need to rub hard but to gently spread it, taking your time, using circular motions.  Do not rush this scrub as you want the powerful plant ingredients to have a little more time to be absorbed.

Rinse with tepid to cool water without rubbing. Pat your face dry with a clean soft face towel.  Always use a fresh clean towel when you are doing face treatments and to not recontaminate that lovely clean soft skin after your self care treatments.

No special care is required for this scrub and can be kept in the bathroom cabinet. It is a fresh made, fresh ingredient scrub, so use it up within 3 months for best results. Keep lid on tight and do not allow any water to come into contact with the ingredients while inside the jar.

This scrub can be used as a moisture mask and does not need to be timed for removal. 

Comes in a 4 oz volume screw top plastic jar. 

We also offer a Fine Face Scrub in Carrot Seed and Lavender!

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