Foaming Face Wash - Plant based

We offer a foaming face wash that is a rich plant based thick cleanser that can be used for face, body or as a hand soap.

Our plant ingredients include organic coconut oil, organic palm kernel, organic virgin olive oil, organic sativa hemp seed, jojoba oil, vitamin E and essential oils. It has the appropriate  distilled water base to allow it to foam nicely through the dispenser bottle.

The 8 oz bottle with portion control foaming dispenser is high quality BPA free and can be reused.

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Customer Reviews

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I use the lemongrass face wash for my face and also as a hand soap!

Dyane L

My 12 year old & I both use the tea tree & lavender blend. It is absolutely wonderful at cleaning off all the gunk!

My little is just beginning to get some bumps on her nose. She began using this about a week and a half ago... much to her (and my) pleasure, her skin is smoothing back out! It is amazing how fast and effective this face wash is!


I love this face wash, I have the lemongrass and the Rose wash. Love how refreshing i feel after using it. It feels great using such a pure plant product and my face loves me for it