Foaming Face Wash - Plant based

We offer a foaming face wash that is a rich plant based thick cleanser that can be used for face, body or as a hand soap.

Our plant ingredients include organic coconut oil, organic palm kernel, organic virgin olive oil, organic sativa hemp seed, jojoba oil, vitamin E and essential oils. It has the appropriate  distilled water base to allow it to foam nicely through the dispenser bottle.

This product gets deep down and removes all traces of dirt, oil and make up. Gently massage into skin and rinse off right away for best results. Moisturize your face after using the face wash, while skin is fresh and clean.

The foaming face wash can be used for all skin types but certain ones do a better job for certain skin types. Lemongrass works best for oily skin, Lavender is gentle and for redness, peppermint for acne and oily skin. 

We also offer a more moisturizing Rose Water Foaming Face Wash, Red Mineral Facial Bar and a Raw Honey Face Wash.  

The 8 oz bottle with portion control foaming dispenser is high quality BPA free and can be reused.

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Customer Reviews

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I use the lemongrass face wash for my face and also as a hand soap!

Dyane L

My 12 year old & I both use the tea tree & lavender blend. It is absolutely wonderful at cleaning off all the gunk!

My little is just beginning to get some bumps on her nose. She began using this about a week and a half ago... much to her (and my) pleasure, her skin is smoothing back out! It is amazing how fast and effective this face wash is!


I love this face wash, I have the lemongrass and the Rose wash. Love how refreshing i feel after using it. It feels great using such a pure plant product and my face loves me for it