Lip Balm - HOT LIPS - Cayenne Pepper

Don't let the name scare you !

This lip balm has a powerful punch for those looking for an unusual lip balm to spice up their lives. 

We have created this lip balm with a careful blend of handcrafted organic cayenne pepper oil, cinnamon and clove. It does have a warming action but it will not burn your lips and some actually enjoy the tingly feeling that it gives you.

As you  apply it, it will gradually start to warm with the maximum intensity reached within 5 minutes. It then starts to cool down and the feeling lasts about 15  to 20 minutes.

Cayenne offers a beneficial ingredient called capsaicin. It is stimulating with a analgesic nature. Naturally contains vitamin A, C and E.

Cinnamon and clove are both antibacterial, are antioxidants and anti fungal.

Keeping your lips hydrated not only prevents chapped lips but it also helps to prevent blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles.  Plump hydrated lips are a sign of health! Using a natural lip balm under your lipstick will help it stay on longer and the beeswax helps to fill in the cracks.

Ingredients – natural beeswax, organic unrefined coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, non-synthetic vitamin E, hand crafted organic cayenne pepper oil, hand crafted organic ceylon cinnamon stick oil and hand crafted organic clove oil.

We make many of our own herbal oils in house that take several weeks to complete.

This is not a practical joke lip balm but would certainly make an exciting gift!

Many of our products are dual purpose and this one in particular has many uses. It makes a handy balm for arthritic hands and stiff neck. Just watch that the natural coloring doesn't stain your clothes and don't apply to broken skin.  This product can also be utilized (if you are creative) in a romantic way. (wink wink) . 

Although all of our lip balms are edible, we do NOT recommend ingesting this lip balm NOR using it improperly. 

Lip balm comes in the standard sized round lip balm tube and the shelf life is 1 yr +.


Customer Reviews

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Peggy Gangemi
Hot Lips!

I love the cayenne pepper lip balm. When applying it feels so soft and silky on your lips and then just as if you’ve eaten something spicy your lips begin to tingle and then heat up to a burn. Then calms back down. Repeat.

Hot Lips Indeed

Gave this as a gift and the feedback is that it has brought some sweet heat to the marriage.