Lip Balm - Propolis

This is an unique lip balm that is highly medicinal and healing!

Most like the fun lip balms like our tinted berry or the vanilla honey but this one is used more for healing issues like cracked lips, burns, sores and cuts. 

Made with our raw beeswax, organic raw unrefined coconut oil, raw propolis, jojoba, argan oil, natural vitamin E and rose hip seed oil.

This lip balm is not sweetened and is a dark brown color that will not stain your lips.

Propolis is sustainably sourced from our own hives when the honey bees have extra to offer. It is a dark hard resin that is used by the bees to protect the hive from disease and is make with local tree resin and sap.  Propolis is loaded with flavonoids and is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral. This natural substance is used for wound healing, is anti aging and speeds healthy cell growth.

We use the highest standard of ingredients that work the best with propolis to create a healing synergy that is moisturizing, penetrating and protective. 

We can only make small batches at a time, depending on when we harvest the ingredients.

This is a one of a kind recipe that has been used in the family for over 20 years!

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Customer Reviews

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Tina G
Works great.

This lip balm is the most healing one I have found. I use it everyday to keep my lips from cracking and peeling.


Great lip moisturizer! Heals and comforts dry chapped lips. Also used on tops of my son's ears after getting a little red in sun, he wasn't complaining after a few minutes.