Raw Honey - Local seasonal

We have our own apiaries on site!

With many of our products offering honey and wax as ingredients, we are able to provide these ingredients directly onsite through our own hives. So with that said, we are proud to offer the actual raw honey as well!

Our honey bees bring us several types of honey  throughout the year. Our all natural farm offers pollen and nectar from saw palmetto, wild blueberries, wild blackberries, golden rain tree, golden rod,  gallberry, elderberry,  wild guava, wild flowers and more.  

As the  season and bloom changes, so does the type of honey offered by the bees. So each jar of honey ordered will be a different type, depending on the season. All of the honey is delicious and you will certainly taste the quality. The honey is never heated and it is lightly strained to remove large impurities such as pieces of bark or plants that the bees sometimes incorporate into the hive. The honey does naturally have small particles such as pollen, sometimes a little wax and propolis but this is very much sought after for its health benefits.

We never feed our bees sugar water as most beekeepers do and we do not use chemicals to extract the honey from the hives. We always leave enough honey behind for the bees to survive on and if the bees have a shortage, we always have honey put aside to feed back to them.

Our raw honey comes in a glass ball jar and never plastic. The honey comes straight from the hive to your house and you will not be disappointed.  If you are a local client, we appreciate you returning the empty honey jars to be recycled.

Don't forget! When you are done with your jar of honey, there is still a lot of honey clinging to the sides. Fill the jar with spring water and give it a good shake! Honey water is super nutritional and hydrating! Toss in a slice of lemon and place in the fridge to chill a bit.....Delish!

9/12/23 We are offering a limited amount of Saw Palmetto honey!

We also offer many honey themed gift options such as decorative honey dispensers,  gift baskets, bags and kits that include our local raw honey, beeswax candles and other honey themed products.

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I love this honey!

Miguel Rivero
Raw Honey Local

Hello and Thank you! The Honey was exactly what my Wife was looking for. We likely order again in the future.

The BEST honey!

Oakwood has awesome honey- I've gotten different flavors and all yummy!

Trinidy Bowers
Elderberry and Raw Local Honey

Love being able to get what I need for the cold season. Trust this company with my families health

Patsy Holden

Raw Honey - Local seasonal