Meditation Kit - Survival & Support

We offer a few selections of meditation kits and this one has been carefully put together to represent survival and support.

This kit in particular offers unique textures and tools that will please even the most experienced Zen and Mantra practitioners but it will absolutely excite the newcomers who are looking to get serious with their new adventure into meditation.

Our Mediation Kits are individually categorized as they require a lot of detail and cannot be grouped together. The kits are unique and easy to use with items that cannot be found in the shops and are organized with great care for an individuals benefit and cannot be replicated. Many of the kits offer custom herbal teas and aromatherapy that are specific to that kit.

This kit is packed full with tools to help a person take the time for self care. Self-care is part of the answer to how we can all better cope with daily stressors and is an important step to help prevent both physical and mental disease. Self-care requires checking in with yourself and asking yourself how you’re doing and what your body’s asking for. 

Meditation is a practice that involves focusing or clearing your mind using a combination of mental and physical techniques. This can be done in many ways and it can be maximized with using tools such as aromatherapy, comforting objects and items to help you focus on yourself and to help block the negative vibes that surround you.

Meditation is practiced all over the world and has been for centuries. There are all kinds of techniques but the bottom line, it is all about calmness, breathing techniques and clearing your mind in a quiet comfortable space. Mindfulness meditation has been found to be the most beneficial form of meditation and is about staying aware of what’s happening at the moment rather than letting your mind wander and worrying about the past or future. This plays a critical role to survival and support of your mental well being.

We would like to go into a bit of detail about each item and we hope that you will find it educational and enlightening. You will receive everything that you need nestled in its own box for safe keeping and storage. 

When you open your box, you will find - A box of 10 pure palo santo incense sticks, ocean tumbled sandstone, a polished clear quartz crystal,  iridescent wild turkey feathers, a vial of ocean tumbled fossil and shell, silver tone aromatherapy locket with the "Lotus Flower", 2 felt discs for the locket, a stainless steel chain for the locket, a natural sacred Hag Stone with leather cord, a lava stone bracelet on a stretchy cord,   1 oz area cleanser mist, 1 concentrated mist to be used for the locket, 2 oz bottle of cucumber day time lotion, 4 cup portion of herbal support tea in a tube, sustainably harvested iridescent abalone shell, 100% beeswax votive candle and our meditation roller ball. Your aromatherapy locket will arrive safely in a cotton draw string pouch that can later be used to store your crystals.

Find a peaceful area either inside or outside to then utilize your Meditation Kit. We recommend using a soft cotton blanket or yoga mat to then spread your items around you. Meditation is really "a time for me", to allow you to clear your mind, relax and focus on your personal wellness.

Find a comfortable position to then display or handle the healing objects that are included in your kit. You will find a list of items and information included with your kit. Closing your eyes to just handle the textured and smooth items help to rein in the anxiety and increase self awareness. Use them to sooth, feel the shape, coolness and textures to help you focus on you. Concentrate on slow breathing techniques.

Precautions - We highly recommend to remove any pets and small children from your area of mediation to maximize the experience and to not expose them to items in your kit. Please take great care when burning herbs/candles and never leave unattended. Stones can be choking hazards, please keep all healing stones away from children and pets. Meditation oils are extremely strong and will require safe handling away from children and pets. Please do not leave this kit unattended and to be stored in original box, out of reach. Don't Stress! Commonsense with your new kit will be extremely rewarding for everyone.

All mists, sprays and lotions are uniquely hand made with all natural ingredients without fragrance or synthetics.

The items for texture soothing have been collected during our own personal adventures around Florida from prehistoric river beds, beach lines and in our own wild woods on property.

It is important to understand that these boxes are created with natures tools and although the items will be exactly as described, they will NOT be the same. Each stone, feather, shell, candle and rock will all be unique on their own as nature intended. Colors can vary, shape and texture.

The herbal support tea is a special blend of organic jasmine flowers, wild crafted elderberry flowers, organic Japanese sencha green tea and a dusting of organic lavender buds. It is excellent for relaxation and focus with light floral notes.

You will find a black frosted glass bottle that is our Survival & Support Area Cleanser. It is a custom blend specifically for this kit and includes black spruce, lavender, frankincense, cedarwood, ginger root, geranium & elemi. You may be familiar with most of these herbs and essential oils with the exception of elemi.

Elemi is a Philippine resin with a earthy spicy, fresh aroma with citrus and balsamic undertones. Elemi is closely related to frankincense and myrrh. It goes extremely well with ginger root and pine to then be balanced with geranium and lavender. A calming and focusing blend that will support your wellness area.

The small mister for your locket is made with the purest sustainable palo santo essential oil. It is very concentrated and only to be used for the locket or other aromatherapy accessories, on lava stone or terra cotta.   Open your locket to then place the felt disc inside, shake your mister and hold it very close the the felt to saturate it about 50%. You can also use your own essential oils and apply no more than 10 drops total to the wool felt. Palo Santo has a very high resin content and is used to clear negative energy, is purifying, reduces stress and anxiety.

You will find that taking 15 - 20 minutes per day for self care with meditation can absolutely make a difference!

We hope that you will enjoy this kit as much as we have enjoyed putting them together and that you will thrive from your newfound path to wellness.

We offer a few other meditation kits and some  starter satchels in other categories.  Other items that would compliment this kit would be our chamomile tea, palo azul detox tea,  focus tea, a large selection of aromatherapy products, healing stone jewelry and palm stones.

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