Mens Beard & Skin Oil "Wood & Resin Blend"

This is our signature beard & skin oil that offers a sensuous blend of sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense and myrrh. We have blended grapeseed, argan and jojoba oil in just the right consistency to provide nourishing plant benefits that absorb quickly.

It's a complicated blend that works in synergy together to offer the best results possible with a crisp woodsy scent that is incredibly mood lifting.

Beard and Skin oil is used to nourish mens skin under the beard and to mimic the natural oils produced naturally by the skin. This oil can be used for any stage from clean shaven to long beards to help manage skin issues, moisturize and nourish.

Apply your skin oil just after showering to take advantage of your pores being relaxed and more willing to absorb this skin food.

For bearded men, it is crucial to use a good quality all natural beard oil to ensure even moisturizing from base to tip.

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Customer Reviews

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Christian C.
Fantastic Product

My boyfriend and I use this oil on our beards daily and we love the smell and how soft it makes our facial hair. We got our first vial at the Christmas market in St. Cloud and went online shortly after to buy the 2 vials left in stock in this scent!

Jane G Reese
does the job right

My son is quite pleased with this oil for aftershave, in his mustache, and all over "manly" moisturizer!

Emily Buck

The scent is perfect and the oil gets right into the beard!! Love it