Mens Massage & Body Oil

This is a gorgeous men's massage & body oil that offers an unique in-house blend of exotic oils with skin nourishing properties.

We used a lightweight organic cold pressed sunflower base custom blended with vanilla, sandalwood and palo santo. 

This  blend is a unique sweet but very masculine woodsy scent that offers stress releasing benefits, naturally antioxidant, antiseptic and with anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Palo santo is used to clear negative energy and when used with massage, is a natural aphrodisiac. When it is blended just right with sandalwood and vanilla, it takes on a whole new experience to offer you amazing aromatherapy benefits that is soothing to the mind and body.

Having or giving a good massage will increase relaxation, reduce body ache, decrease tension, improve circulation, lower the heart rate and improve immune function.

This sensual blend doesn't stop at massage! You can also use this as a daily body moisturizer, or add a couple spoonfuls to a warm bath for an aromatic experience at the end to the day. This oil lubricates the skin for a smoother massage but when used sparingly, it will absorb quickly to moisturize the skin.

Comes in a 4 fl oz glass bottle with dropper applicator. Blend may be too intense for applying to the face but all the ingredients are acceptable for the face.  Because of its vanilla notes, please take care to keep away from children and pets. Keep top on tightly and store out of reach.  

Fresh made with a shelf life of 1 year.


Customer Reviews

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Men’s Massage & Body Oil

Smells great use as a body oil, keeps my skin moisturized. No dry skin anymore

Massage Therapist Approved!

This massage oil is wonderful! I am a massage therapist and use this oil on my family. The glide is great and the aroma is wonderful and cleansing. Highly recommend!!