Muscle / Joint / Ache Solid Balm

This is another very popular product that offers relief from minor backache, tendonitis, elbows, knees,  tired hands, sore feet, stiff neck and post workouts.

Excellent for preventative care by applying before extreme activities or at bedtime to help prevent morning stiffness. It glides on smoothly, smells very nice and is moisturizing. It's highly recommended to try it on a pair of tired feet, just before bed and put on a pair of socks to lock in its healing and moisturizing properties.

Ingredients – almond oil, raw organic unrefined shea butter, natural beeswax, camphor, eucalyptus, cedarwood, lavender, tea tree, ginger root, peppermint and non synthetic vitamin E.  We only make 4 of these at a time with each small batch to control the consistency and proper blend of herbs.

You may also use this product as a chest rub. Apply to chest area to improve congestion and help to loosen phlegm. Drape a warm moist wash cloth over it to activate vapors and inhale.

Shelf life is easily one year at room temperature. Keep away from heat as it may soften or melt.

We offer this balm in an easy to use twist up wide balm tube with a screw on cap.

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Customer Reviews

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Linda Wilson
Achilles heal

Love this stuff, it has made walking much less painful, and I’ve given away a few small balms.

Rhonda Tittle
Great for deep aches!

I love this balm - I rub it into my sciatica area every morning for deep ache relief and it even seems to help with the arthritis in my hands.

Great back relief

I received this yesterday. It's FL, I didn't know it was in the mailbox all day. It was a little soft when I got it. Put it in the fridge and forgot about it. Woke up with a sore back and late for work this morning. Opened the fridge to get drink and was excited to see this. Quickly rubbed some on my back. Fast relief from pain that lasted all day. Light pleasant smell. I love it and am going to leave it in the fridge.

Abigail Adamson
Very mild

This is a nice balm to rub into achy muscles and joints. It makes it easy to give a good massage and feels more relaxed after.

Priscilla Mercado

Muscle / Joint / Ache Solid Balm