Bar Soap - Nag Champa

Nag champa is an essential oil of Indian origin, based on a combination of frangipani (plumeria) and sandalwood. It is used in incense, soap, perfume oil, candles and personal toiletries, and is common in ashrams. It is a popular and recognizable incense fragrance.

Nag champa relaxes the nerves, balances the mood, is a powerful deodorizer, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and is an over all skin healer. One of our best soaps to help with body odor and help to even skin tone with constant use. This natural fragrance is bold and especially long lasting.

Keeping your skin hydrated requires protecting the natural oils in the top most layer that help lock in moisture. Ditch harsh soaps containing irritating surfactants like sodium laurel sulfate that dry the skin.

Cleansers made with natural ingredients and plant-based oils are gentle and help hold in moisture, where  alcohol-based formulas can strip the skin of its natural oil’s. All of our bar soaps are made with the base of extra virgin olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, palm oil and infused herbs. Additionally, some have essential oils and a sustainable mineral mica for a bit of color IF needed. 

Our bar soap is handcrafted with pure plant oils and essential oils. No synthetic fragrances added. We naturally air dry cure the soap over several weeks to ensure a hard bar of soap that will remain solid during its entire time of use.

We recommend buying an extra bar to then slice up in 1/4' pieces and use them to slip into clothing drawers or other areas to be able to enjoy the scent and it actually helps to  repel moths. Wrap it in a protective breathable satchel and leave in your car or place into storage totes.


Full sized bar soap (approx 4 oz weight ) that stays firm and lasts. 


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Customer Reviews

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This soap smells amazing!

This soap yes, smells amazing and leaves your entire bathroom smelling amazing, to the very end of the bar! It is so refreshing and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean. My new favorite!

Found my favorite soap

This soap is amazing! The smell is on point and the cleanliness feeling is my favorite!

Deirdre Piccoli
Nag Champa HappIness

This bar smells so good, makes me happy and relaxed at the same time

very unique

i got it for my husband. he did not care for the smell. it is unlike anything i have smelled before. i was just as happy he did not like it as I LOVE it. Nice size bar. lots of bubbles which i like. I highly recommend. shipping was amazingly fast.

Great smell & luxurious lather

Scent is very refreshing for both men(shocked the men in our fam like it) and women...have even used as a shampoo bar, no complaint.