ONL Travel Sample Kit

Here is a wonderful travel kit that offers some of our most popular products that are a must have when traveling!

These particular products are dual purpose and will work for the entire family if you care to share. Each are approved for travel in your carry on and comes in a clear zip lock pouch for easy inspection.

 We are including : 2 oz Raw Honey Face Wash, 2  oz Lavender Face Toner, Face & Body Bath Bar, 2 oz Daytime Lotion, Raw Shea Butter, Vanilla Honey Lip Balm,1 oz Lavender Face Serum, Loofah Scrubby & a  small wooden spoon for the Shea Butter.

The Honey Face Wash is a concentrated face wash with you only needing a small amount to wash your face and neck. This popular wash can also be used as a body wash, shaving soap or as a first aid wash.

The Lavender Face Toner is to be used for drawing  impurities out from the pores and to help tone the skin. The toner can also be used as first aid for itch, bug bites and sunburn. It additionally calms acne and eczema flareups.

Our Shea Butter is raw, unrefined and organic. Use it as a moisturizer for skin, cuticles and lips. Use as a first aid for cuts, blisters, chaffing, bruises or to hydrate split hair ends. Use for under eye puffiness at bedtime. 

Vanilla Honey Lip Balm is always a must have on hand with its moisturizing and healing properties for the lips.  When traveling,  it also can be used to moisturize cuticles or give a lil gloss to the eyebrows or condition eye lashes. Use your finger tip to lightly tap a bit under the eyes to hydrate and plump the fine delicate skin either under or over make up.

A 1 oz bottle of our Lavender Face Serum to keep your face moisturized and on its regular care routine.  This serum is literally magic in a bottle and offers many every day and first aid uses.   Travel can take a toll on our face and cause puffiness and tired skin. Use for redness, puffiness, itch, hives, breakouts, burns, bruises, stings, bug bites, hair frizzies, eye make up remover, wind burn, razor burn and for its calming properties for nervousness and sleep.

Daytime Lotion - This lotion offers healing ingredients to keep skin soft and protected. It absorbs very quickly and is convenient for on the go moisture. This is especially useful if your using alcohol based hand sanitizers multiple times during the day. These kits contain a "Cucumber Daytime Lotion" which is not normally offered on the website. It has no added scent or essential oils and is practically neutral in smell.  Cucumber Daytime Lotion offers shea butter, aloe vera, cucumber extract, sunflower oil, plant glycerine, calendula, chamomile, xanthan gum, arrow root & distilled water. A luxurious thick soothing lotion that the entire family can use.

You will find our all natural loofah scrubbie  works very well to remove makeup with soap and easily rinses out to then use to rinse the face clean.  Completely wet the loofah to soften it, rinse when done and it dries out quickly overnight to be used again.  Its a great tool to remove make up without staining facecloths and is reusable for many months after.

Everything included in this kit has a full years shelf life and is made fresh when ordered.  For more details about the ingredients and other uses, we have each item offered separately in larger sizes on the website. The solid Face & Body Bar will be either lavender, oatmeal orange or activated charcoal. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Emily Moreland

This had everything needed for a trip!

A must have

I had already had great success with the rosemary lavender hair products, but was hesitant to move to the face products. I have always had oily prone to minor breakout skin. All of the sudden my cheeks became dry, flaky, itchy, and red. Using these products consistently has corrected and improved my skin. I'm touching my cheeks because I can't believe how soft they are! I added the lavender face balm to my kit. I use just a little bit 3 times a day. My little kit is on the bathroom counter and one of the first things that gets packed and unpacked when I'm traveling.

Gissette Rojas
The BEST!!!

The products work very well on my skin. My skin is really sensitive and I finally found something that is 100% all NATURAL. It has helped me out so much. I have less breakouts, more moisture and overall cleaner skin. The fun part is that it is small and ready to go, which makes it very convenient for me.


First time user/buyer, got this travel kit so I could try the different things…love EVERYTHING!!
Ordering was easy, live in Texas got package fast, the order was packed so nice.
Can’t wait to order more!!