Organic Loofah Sponge

We grow our own crop of organic loofah sponges here at our ranch. They are harvested at their peak, peeled by hand, air dried and sun bleached. We do not use any bleach or soaps to lighten the loofah sponges. The average size is 6-8 inches long, 3 inches wide. We do dehydrate the finished loofah for longer shelf storage until ready to use.

On average, a loofah used in the shower should last about 6-8 months with heavy use. Please be sure to rinse them well after each use and stand them up to dry out to prevent mold. If kept properly, they will never mold. Feel free to use and abuse these natural sponges as they will take a beating.

As the loofahs wear out, they can be used to scrub the shower, pets or composted.

Not all the loofahs look the same and will never be uniform. Some will be darker, some will be lighter, some skinnier and some wider.  Our loofahs mostly grow year round unless we have severe weather such as a hurricane.  They are immediately replanted and they take approximately 4 months to mature. We are constantly tossing seeds out into the woods for a continuous crop!

Did you know? Young loofah can be harvested before they develop and enjoyed in a salad or eaten raw by themselves. The bright yellow flowers are edible and the leaves can be dried and used as herbal tea! Each loofah contains hundreds of seeds that can either be replanted or roasted like pumpkin seeds. Each loofah vine can produce 10 to 30 loofah at a time.

We do on occasion offer a whole loofah with all the seeds intact. These are ones that have been left on the vine for an extended time, to ensure the maturity of the seeds and that they will be productive. These loofah are not trimmed, slightly discolored and not sun bleached.  They average 8 to 12 inches long and are completely mature. Simply  shake out the seeds in a bowl and then you can use the loofah as normal. These can be cut to size with a bread knife and used in the shower.  The seeds can be stored for 1 to 2 years before planting. Each loofah provides a large amount of seeds and you will have plenty to share!


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Customer Reviews

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Custer, Darren

Just as advertised. Great quality.


Love my loofah nice and soft. Smooths my skin

Exfoliating Sponge

This sponge is perfect if you are looking for some exfoliation while you wash. You will feel squeaky clean after using it!

Kathie S
Love my loofah!

I cut it into several pieces and use it throughout the house for chemical-free cleaning.

I love it!

I cut up the loofah for different uses and I love it!