Organic Loofah Sponge "rounds"

We grow our own crop of organic loofah sponges here at our ranch. They are harvested at their peak, peeled by hand, air dried and sun bleached. We do not use any bleach or soaps to lighten the loofah sponges. The average size is 6-8 inches long with seeds sometimes still found inside the gourde. These seeds can be replanted to grow your own loofah!

On average, a loofah used in the shower should last about 6-8 months with heavy use. Please be sure to rinse them well after each use and stand them up to dry out to prevent mold. If kept properly, they will never mold. Feel free to use and abuse these natural sponges as they will take a beating.

These are "rounds", that are slices of our loofah that are to be used for exfoliating the face. Of course, you can dedicate them for feet or hands as well but these are nice to have handy next to the the sink.  They are a nice size to use and don't take up to much space.

Not all the loofahs look the same and will never be uniform. Some will be darker, some will be lighter, some skinnier and some wider.  Our loofahs mostly grow year round unless we have severe weather such as a hurricane.  They are immediately replanted and they take approximately 4 months to mature. We are constantly tossing seeds out into the woods for a continuous crop!

Did you know? Young loofah can be harvested before they develop and enjoyed in a salad or eaten raw by themselves. The bright yellow flowers are edible and the leaves can be dried and used as herbal tea! Each loofah contains hundreds of seeds that can either be replanted or roasted like pumpkin seeds. Each loofah vine can produce 10 to 30 loofah at a time.

You will receive a pair ( 2 ) round slices of loofah that measure approximately 2, 1/2 inches wide and just under 1/2 inch thick.  The larger 4 inch loofah rounds are excellent for washing dishes and household cleaning. Great for travel!



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A. S.
loofa sponge rounds

after using the rounds daily for a week, I could notice the texture of my skin was much smoother. Love the product

Best thing to wash your face

I love using the round loofahs for my daily face & neck wash, its convenient to keep next to the bathroom sink. It makes my skin feel clean & soft. I keep one in the shower too!

Perfect for Face

These are great for washing your face. Adds a layer of exfoliation to your normal wash.

The larger loofah rounds

I like the larger size. I would even like it 1/2in bigger. But they do the job of cleaning my face . Skin feels great after use.


These little guys are fantastic. I use these to exfoliate and clean my face every day. They are gentle and feel good on the face and they last forever. It helps me in the winter when the weather makes my skin dry and flaky. My 10 year old loves them too.