Peppermint Foot Cream

Pamper your piggies with peppermint!

This is a thick rich cream that offers cooling and moisturizing properties. It was created to be used on tired feet that need moisturizing.  Use just a dab at a time and massage well into the feet and lower legs to feel its uplifting properties and soothe away lethargy.

It can be used any time of the day but take a moment and offer yourself a foot soak with some bath salts first. Towel dry your feet and then apply the cream to soothe away the stress.

Peppermint is known to restore and help lend clarity. When applied to the skin it has cooling properties and can assist with circulation.

This hand made cream is made with grapeseed, jojoba, authentic raw beeswax, organic peppermint essential oi and non synthetic vitamin E. 

We do not use water to emulsify or to make our creams with. It is in its concentrated form without fillers or chemicals. This 2 oz jar of foot cream is equal to an 8 oz standard bottle of lotion that you would normally buy at the store.

When used daily, it will keep your feet soft and cracked heals will disappear.

This small batch cream is extremely rich and only a small amount as needed. It can be used anywhere on the body except for the face. Makes a lovely leg cream and a cooling after sun application. 

Shelf life is one year and to be kept at room temperature.

When you receive your jar of cream, the consistency will depend on the temperature. If you want a softer cream, just give the cream a little stir with a clean utensil or chopstick and it will soften right up. If you want it a little firmer, then pop it in the fridge for about 15 minutes.

2 oz jar with screw top lid.


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Customer Reviews

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raiza ramirez

Peppermint Foot Cream

Renewed Feet

I'm a barefoot as much as possible. Very rough,even cracking, skin. 2 nights of using this peppermint cream on my feet and they are softer. The cream feels and smells wonderful. Also absorbs well and doesn't stain the sheets. Winner! Love this foot cream!!


This foot cream works great and smells yummy! Like using it on my hands too!

Deborah Outlaw
New feet and hands!

Will tell you right up front my feet have issues as I go barefoot a LOT and this cream has worked wonders and I also had very dry hands and now they are much better. I have tried other products for decades with little to no results and this cream started helping with the very first application! Oh and it also smells wonderful =) Highly recommend.

Great heels!

I went for a pedi for the 1st time in 7 months and my tech was amazed at how soft and smooth my feet are, specifically my heels. I recently purchased the foot cream for some friends and they love it too!