Peppermint Herbal Mouth Rinse

This is a super concentrated peppermint mouth rinse with an aloe vera base, distilled water,  peppermint, oregano and stevia.

Store bought mouth wash contains added coloring, saccharine, preservatives and other chemicals that really do not belong in your mouth. Our sensitive gums are super absorbent and will draw in anything (sublingual) to then be absorbed into the blood stream.  Daily use of chemicals can build up and eventually could cause health issues later on.

Studies show that Aloe vera mouth rinse is  effective in reducing periodontal issues . The results demonstrated a significant reduction on plaque and gingivitis with using an Aloe vera oral rinse. 

Peppermint is cooling, soothing and is generally known to improve oral hygiene and dental health. Peppermint gives you the fresh breath but it offers other benefits such as healthy gums and teeth. Peppermint contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that maintain oral hygiene.

Oregano is naturally antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral  and anti fungal. It is used to disinfect and will assist with preventative care and healing of the gums. Oregano offers anti inflammatory properties and when blended with mint and aloe, it is a real power house for oral health.

This oral rinse can be used as needed daily and is adult strength. It is very strong and long lasting. Pour just a tablespoon into a small shot glass and gargle or swish as normal and spit out. Children may use this rinse but is must be diluted 1 tablespoon of rinse to 1 tablespoon of fresh water in a glass. We do not recommend this rinse for a child that cannot  spit it out and to  not swallow it. If you personally find it to strong, make a children's, dilution.    No refrigeration required and it can be stored in the bathroom cabinet.   Shelf life is 8 months from the date that you receive it.

We use the highest quality organic ingredients with aloe vera juice being the base of this rinse instead of water, like all of the inexpensive store bought mouthwashes.  This bottle will last you a long time. Not only does it freshen the breath but it is a healing mouth rinse.  Not many gargles and mouth rinses can truly claim this and offer pure all natural ingredients.

The 3 important healing ingredients ( Aloe vera, peppermint and oregano ) are grown on site and processed individually before then creating this product.

Because we do not use any preservatives or chemicals, it is important to SHAKE the bottle with each use, to accurately blend all the ingredients. 

Our Peppermint Herbal Mouth Rinse comes in an 8 ounce glass bottle with screw on cap.

We also offer a 3.4 oz TSA approved travel size in a lightweight plastic bottle.

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Customer Reviews

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Refreshing and cleansing!

I love that you can use this as is for a strong minty mouth rinse or diluting it to make it more subtle. I like to use this every night and throughout the day for a quick refresh.

Heather Bowser
Love the mouth rinse!

Love it so much, that I used it up too quick the first time! I also love the sage/lavender one as well!

Mouth Rinse

Best mouth rinse I’ve tried! Never going back to store bought mouth rinse! Nice cool taste, no burning like OTC rinse! Helps with inflamed gums and tooth sensitivity!

Great as always

I love the mouth rinse as it is natural w/o the chemical ingredients the common mouth washes have. I did not use common mouth washes as they were too harsh for me. This is just perfect.

Mouth Rinse

I am very happy with this mouth rinse, it is minty fresh daily!