Pit Stop Underarm Spray

This is an aloe vera juice based mist with plant glycerin, lavender and tea tree.

Mist under arms to help calm rash, razor bumps, itch and ingrown hairs.  Use it to freshen up after a work out, at the beach or anytime during the day.  It is most popular with swimmers for when deodorant washes off.  Its great for on the go and can be kept in a locker or gym bag.  Give it a little shake to blend the ingredients evenly and use as needed. This naturally moisturizes and will not dry out the delicate skin under the arms and it will not stain clothing.

Pit Stop is perfect for the 'tween' that is not quite ready to use adult deodorant but needs some assistance with odor.

Benefits – anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, skin calming, antibacterial and anti-fungal.  Can be used as a light deodorant. 

Give your pits a break and after your evening shower, apply this mist for the night instead of commercial deodorant. 

Winter cooler months is a great time to detoxify the under arms by going without store bought commercial chemical deodorants. We have two main types of bacteria that is natural, under the armpits.  We haave 'good' bacteria, known as staphylococci epidermis, which don't cause much in the way of odour, and the 'bad' bacteria, corynebacterium, which do, transforming lipids and amino acids in our sweat “into compounds which can give off a foul B.O.! Give your pits a break and only use a natural deodorant for as long as you can.   Many of our clients have shown huge changes by increasing hydration to atleast 1 gallon of beneficial beverages per day, eating a cleaner diet and pushing hard to use only natural deodorant. After a few months, their underarm bacteria changed to a higher level of healthier bacteria with a huge difference in a better, non offensive natural body odor.

Made fresh to order with 100% natural ingredients. 

 4 oz bottle with mister

Note- This product will come in a 4 oz bottle of  either plastic or glass. Due to the bottle shortage, the container may not be consistent.

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