Private Spray

Private Spray is an all natural feminine spray that is hand crafted with organic plant based ingredients. Our Private Spray is made with an aloe vera base, lavender, peppermint, calendula, chamomile, plant glycerine and witch hazel.

This blend of ingredients offers benefits that help to maintain a healthy pH balance, support natural flora and aid in preventing unhealthy bacteria.

It is light weight, refreshing and cooling and can be used multiple times daily for maintenance, itch, redness, odor,  razor burn, ingrown hair, before or after intimacy, menopausal discomfort, after urination or perspiration. Refreshes and prevents discomfort during sports or when wearing tight fitting clothing. It calms redness and welts from poor fitting undergarments and latex reactions.

Intended to be used on the external girl parts though it can be used as a temporary under arm deodorant, used on the behind,  undergarments and pads. 

Directions: Shake well and spray 2 pumps or as needed. It is completely non toxic without synthetic fragrance or any unnatural additives.

Aloe and witch hazel are both skin soothing and help to heal irritated and red skin. Aloe vera has potent antibacterial, anti fungal and antiviral properties. Lavender is both antibacterial and anti fungal and is skin soothing.  There is just enough peppermint to cool the skin with a light sensation to offset any itch or heat.  Both calendula and chamomile work with redness, inflammation, itch and are super healing.

This product comes in a discrete 2 ounce BPA free quality U.S.A. made bottle with atomizer.

Note - Due to the current situation, there is a plastic bottle shortage. This product will arrive in a 2 oz aluminum bottle until further notice.

Please SHAKE the bottle well to ensure even disbursement before refilling your 2 oz mist bottle.

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Customer Reviews

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Bao Pham
Amazing Spray

This is the best private spray I have used so far! It has such an incredible, nice refreshing scent that isn't overwhelming, and I especially like the cooling sensation. A must-have for me and I use it practically every day.

Rachel Randolph

I love it!

Ruth Duncan Motes

has a nice aroma and keeps you feeling fresh down there!!

Freshness whenever you need

Enough said.

Cassie Ware

Nice refreshing smell. Definitely notice the mint. LOL!