Propolis CBD Healing Salve

This is a medicinal salve used for healing the skin.

It contains pure raw beeswax, organic raw unrefined shea butter, handcrafted comfrey oil, handcrafted ginger oil, raw bee propolis, non synthetic Vitamin E, cannabis (sativa) full spectrum CBD oil, turmeric root, sweet orange, black peppercorn and oregano.

Uses - As a daily moisturizer, severe dry cracked skin, bruising, skin ulcers, common psoriasis, psoriasis of the hands, eczema, diabetic skin sores, callouses, chapped skin, cracked heels, rough elbows and split cuticles. We have had several testimonials on how this product has given relief to arthritic hands and knees when used twice daily on a consistent basis.

This is safe for all ages and skin types but please use a small amount to test first. Especially take care if you going to use this on the face or lips. Just keep in mind the ingredients and how it could effect delicate skin. 

Home care suggestions for eczema and psoriasis - Spend a little time in the sun but do not get overheated, use a herbal balm or salve twice daily.  Using Ginger root and milk thistle herbs internally,  have been shown to assist with attacks if used daily. Use the right soap that is moisturizing with simple ingredients. Check the ingredients in your shampoo for any possible chemicals that could cause dermatitis. A baking soda compress could help decrease any itching. Drinking spring water with a teaspoon of raw honey and apple cider vinegar with mother could additionally give some relief.

This is a soft salve in a solid form and comes in two sizes. Please keep away from direct sunlight and heat as it could melt and disturb the healing ingredients.  Shelf life is easily 1 year if well kept.

Customer Reviews

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Relief for Working Hands

I was so relieved to find something to expedite the healing of my seriously cracked knuckles and cuts on my hands. I do a lot of physical labor around the farm and regularly have damage to my hands. The exposure to cold weather exacerbates the damage. I applied this salve at night directly to the cuts and splits and saw noticeable healing within 3 days. The splits were sealed closed and the cuts were well on their way to healing. I will definitely keep this in my medicine cabinet and give it high recommendation!!

Propolis CBD Healing Salve

This is the 2nd time I purchased the salve. I works great on my psoriasis spots. Keeps them moist, less flaking and is healing. It kinda puts it in a remission. Psoriasis is an immune disorder do it really does not go away. I have in on my neck and it was raw and bleeding at times and the salve has reduced it. It also lasts a while. My husband uses it on his folliculitis he has on his scalp. It has also helped decrease the follicle inflammation and heals them. It is also good to use on a burn and it heals it nicely. Great product as all Oakwood Natural Living products are.


I cannot say enough great things about this salve. I've got skin issues, primarily on my arms. It's a genetic issue. I get raised red/dry spots and nothing has ever helped. So, I decided to try this on them. All that I can say is WOW!! I've been using it for about 3 weeks and I see a big difference. I can't wait to see what continues to happens with them.


Great salve for psoriasis. Calms inflammation and itching from the condition. Moistures and soothes.

Miracle worker

JUST BUY IT!! You won't be sorry! Works on everything for your skin!