Pure 100% Raw Beeswax

Our onsite apiary  produces raw honey, beeswax, propolis and sometimes pollen. 

The bees are kept as naturally as possible out in our woods that offer all types of flowers, resin and pollen for them to collect.  The bees produce several types of local honey and depending on the type of pollen, some gorgeous yellow beeswax!

We collect the beeswax as we harvest the honey to then screen it to remove pieces of wood and other bits that they like to collect . This requires several hours of labor and lots of patience but the end product is a glorious pure raw beeswax.

Raw beeswax is fragrant, medicinal and quite useful around the house.

Uses- waterproofing, rust preventative, wood filler, grafting plants, fly fishing lines, temporary tooth filling, squeaky wood drawers, coat door hinges, waterproof shoes, prevent tools from rusting, unstick zippers, treat cast iron, water proof rope, make fire starters, coat reeds on woodwind instruments, waterproof matches and on archery bow strings. Rub beeswax on your garden hose connections so they don’t freeze and get stuck.  Lubricate metal threadings, polish and protect bronze, fill cracks on granite or quartz countertop and it also helps with leaky hose connections. 

Beeswax can preserve fresh flowers, Fall leaves and make natural crayons.

If you are looking to heat the beeswax, please educate yourself about its melting point and understand that it’s highly flammable.  Beeswax is very difficult to remove if spilled in its liquid form and we do not recommend using your good kitchen tools and bowls. If you’re  looking to soften it to then use to waterproof shoes, we recommend a hairdryer. 

Please do not melt beeswax in the microwave as you cannot control the temperature and you could end up with a horrible mess and it has been known to burst glass containers.  

This is a fresh harvest of 100% pure high grade raw beeswax without additives and is a bright electric yellow, just like in the photos. It is absolutely food grade and can be used on baking sheets, creating food honey & wax glazes and cooking foods such as caneles.  We use food grade containers and sterile conditions when working this wax to ensure the absolute highest quality available.

Keep your beeswax away from heat and sunlight to preserve all its goodness.  Store it in a clean container and to not rest it near areas that may allow dirt or hair to stick to it.

You will receive 1 beeswax molded round that weighs 1.3 to 1.4 ounces. 




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Smells wonderful

The smell is heavenly! Ive used it on a zipper and seams of my hiking boots. Coated matches and used in fire starters. Works great.