Beeswax Candles

When looking for a non toxic candle for use in your home, beeswax is the absolute best choice!

Our beeswax candles are made with pure 100% hand poured local raw beeswax with organic cotton wicks ( lead free & non toxic ) without fragrance or additives.  Beeswax burns clean and is practically smokeless while giving off negative ions to cleanse the air of pollutants. This helps remove dust, odors, and toxins in the atmosphere, easing allergy and asthma symptoms and improving breathing for anyone nearby. These candles offer a  clean flame while offering a gorgeous warm glow.  Beeswax is the only naturally occurring wax. Other cheaper waxes like paraffin and soy are made through chemical processes and byproducts. 

Anytime that you purchase candles, always check your ingredients.  Even with candles that advertise "made with beeswax", as they can still contain soy, paraffin, oil fillers and fragrance. Fillers allow retailers to sell an inferior candle for less money. 

Hand poured 100% beeswax requires a bit of skill with knowing when to pour the wax, container size, type of wick and to properly cure. Beeswax candles that are pure, require a 48 and up to a 5 day cure time for a superior and sustainable candle.  We want a long burning candle that melts evenly, without tunneling and offer the best experience. 

When lighting your candle for the first time, trim the wick 1/4th of an inch. If you trim the wick too short, it will extinguish quickly and if you trim the wick too long, you will have a tall hot flame and burn the wax to fast down the middle.

4 Tealights with clear holder are approximately 2 full ounces total of raw beeswax.

2 Tapered votive candles are approximately 2 full ounces of raw beeswax each per candle with a total of 4 oz weight. 

6 oz decorative jar candle with solid bamboo fitted lid  

The larger 8 oz volume mason  jar candles are 2, 1/2 inch wide and 12 oz weight with glass jar. 

Using the larger jar candles will require a little effort in order to maximize the burn time that can be up to 40+ hours. The very first burn or the “Memory Burn” will set the stage.  Trim the wick at 1/4th of an inch and be prepared to burn the candle for 2,1/2 hours before extinguishing it.  You want the surface wax to pool and get as close as possible to the edge. Keep an eye on it and move the wick towards the center if needed with a toothpick or a type of skewer. Once the wax has almost reached the sides after 2, 1/2 hours, you may extinguish it.  Straighten the wick after each burn while the wax is soft and be sure to trim the wick again before each use. Rule of thumb with beeswax candles is to burn one hour per inch of the width.  

Hugging your candle! Not physically but this is a technique used to fold in the soft wax around the edges and usually when it’s halfway burned down.  Gently push in and down the sides of the mantle so the wax burns entirely. This will add many more hours of burn time to your candle without wasted wax. Wait a few minutes for the candle  to cool after extinguishing it before doing this. 
Jar candles will give you many hours of burn time but when you get to the very bottom, there will be a point to where it won’t relight and still have a small amount of wax. Keep your wax for household projects or you may recycle by returning the jar and leftover wax with us to repurpose.  

The bees have put in many hours to create this gorgeous beeswax and we hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do!



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Customer Reviews

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Deirdre Piccoli
Pure and natural

Love your beeswax candles, knowing they are free of chemicals I can light them feeling good about the air around me and the smell good too

JAmie ZWicker
Love these candles!

Love these candles! I need to get more :)

Cassie Ware

Great to have a non toxic candle!!!