Raw Honey - Blueberry -

We offer "seasonal limited batches" of naturally infused honey that is made with organic herbs, fruits and/or berries.

This is an organic blueberry infusion that is made with a cold process without heating the honey. This process protects the benefits and nutrients that are found in raw honey and takes several weeks to complete.

This  batch of infused honey will have a few whole berries still floating in the honey that we did not strain out.  It will continue to infuse just a little bit more and is best if used within 6 months. It is made ONLY with organic blueberries.  The honey will have a slight purple hue and some texture that includes tiny blueberry seeds and pieces. We do not add coloring or flavoring. The berries dictate the flavoring via size and ripeness.

This is a "berry" infusion and not the "blossom" and will be slightly textured with pure blueberry throughout and you will most definitely taste the berries!  Store this infused honey in a cool dark pantry. It can be stirred with a clean chop stick or utensil to evenly distribute berries with each use. Best enjoyed within 6 months of purchase.

Note - Blueberries do have added natural fruit sugar and this could alter the honey with total natural sugars. Raw honey could possibly crystalize for this reason. In no way does this make the honey go bad. Some people enjoy the thickness with the large crystals. Honey jar can be slightly warmed in a pot of water to dissolve the crystals if you prefer.

12 oz wt jar / 8 oz volume

Customer Reviews

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JAmie ZWicker
Yummy in my tummy!

This is the best tasting honey ever! I put it in my tea and on my vanilla frozen yogurt. Yum!!!

Cassie Ware

Another great honey.
I Add a spoonful to my berry smoothies!!!