Raw Honey Body Butter

Luxurious hand crafted body butter with our own raw honeycomb and raw honey. It is infused with carrot seed for additional healing benefits. Only a "tic tac" sized amount is needed to thoroughly moisturize your hands and upper arms. The butter offers a light natural honey scent. 

Honey is high in protein and vitamins and is antibacterial. Our raw honey is pure, unpasteurized and unprocessed. Being hydroscopic, or water loving, honey holds moisture and the plant extracts that are blended with it. This makes honey, a perfect skin food and moisturizer.

Ingredients – sweet almond oil, raw organic unrefined coconut oil, non-synthetic vitamin E, sweet orange, raw honey, natural beeswax and carrot seed.

We gently warm the beeswax and honey into a liquid form to ensure the healing benefits are not damaged by high heat. We then incorporate the additional ingredients and allow it to cool naturally while we hand blend until we reach a certain consistency that ends up being the body butter. It is quite a process but its well worth it!

Keep in mind, that the body butter doesn't start in our kitchen lab but it begins when we collect the honey comb  from the hive. The honey comb is then rinsed with non chlorinated water, cleaned and dried before we even begin to work with it for our products. It takes hours of preparation just from the  hive to kitchen lab. Collecting the raw honey is another process all on its own.

We hope that you enjoy our labor of love and our bees!

When you receive your jar of body butter, the consistency will depend on the temperature. If you want a softer butter, just give it a little stir with a clean utensil or chopstick and it will soften right up. If you want it a little firmer, then pop it in the fridge for about 15 minutes.

This 2 oz wt body butter comes in a jar with screw top lid.


Can be enjoyed by everyone!

Shelf life - 1 year

One of a kind family recipe 🐝


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Customer Reviews

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Raw honey butter

Love this stuff, rub it on my hands, finger and cuticles

Great for skin

I bought the Raw Honey Body Butter after I had received a sample. I have a thyroid condition that even when it's controlled my skin will peel in random places. Using this product as needed gets the skin back to where it needs to be. If I get an over excited dog scratch, I use it for that too.

Soft skin

Best body butter that I've ever used!!

Fabulous multipurpose use

I love this product, I have. Used for cracked lips, given to a family member who was nursing a baby, it helped heal her. I bought this for my sister as part of a secret Santa gift and she absolutely loves it. She lives in Vermont so helps for dry skin in the winter


Love this buttery product! Perfect for dry season and for those who wash hands constantly...