Raw Honey - Clove -

This Clove Honey  is made with our own local raw honey that is cold infused with organic whole clove buds. It is created over several weeks to naturally extract the essential oils from the herb and then create a robust and flavorful artisan raw honey.

We offer many types of naturally infused honey that are rotated on a regular basis.

This honey takes some time to make due to the cold process which allows us to preserve all the health benefits from the honey without exposing it to heat. We do not add any artificial ingredients or flavors. It is made with just two ingredients....real organic cloves and Honey!

You wont be disappointed!

Our honey is offered in only glass jars.

8 oz volume

Customer Reviews

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Margaret Friend
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I am enjoying everything. Nice products. Love the cinnamon tincture, honey, honey face wash, etc.

Silvia G
Honey Snob

My partner loves, loves, loves this honey. He never knew that there was a difference between store-bought honey and organic infused honey. After tasting this honey, he definitely knows the difference now! He stated that he is now a honey snob because he looks down at all other honeys after tasting the best of the best!!


This is so so good! The clove is very complementary without being overpowering!

Cassie Ware
5 STARS ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great taste!! But of course!!
Another great product!!