Raw Honey - Elderberrry -

We offer a Elderberry Honey that is made with our own local raw honey and cold infused with organic wildcrafted Elderberry that grows on our farm. It is created  over several weeks to naturally extract the medicinal benefits from the herb and create a gorgeous flavorful artisan raw honey.

It will be naturally darker from the berries with a slight elder taste. Elderberry Honey is not a very strong berry taste but you will most definitionally taste the boldness and there will be a few whole berries still floating around in the honey. The berries are completely safe to eat with this honey.

This is a "true" infusion (not a fermented version) and it will be shelf stable in the pantry for about a year. Do not refrigerate this honey.

This honey takes some time to make due to the cold process which allows us to preserve all the health benefits from the honey without exposing it to heat. We do not add any artificial ingredients or flavors. It is made with just two ingredients....Elderberry and Honey!

Elderberry Honey is very hard to find and especially without cheating with added flavorings, colors or processed with heat. It is a tried and true family recipe and process. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

8 oz volume jar

Customer Reviews

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Great honey

I love all their honey, this is the first time I had the elderberry one. It was great!!!!

Fantastic taste

Finished the entire jar in a flash. One of my favorite honey flavors. Will buy more!

Yvette Iskandar
Wonderful product

This has been my go to honey. The elderberry gives the honey wonderful flavor plus all the added benefits of immunity boost from both both products. Can’t wait till I get more.

Lovely product

Love the unique taste and health benefits from this honey. Its great with hot water, tea or even infused in cold water.