Raw Honey - Hibiscus -

We offer a Hibiscus Honey that is made with our own local raw honey and cold infused with organic whole ( sabdariffa ) hibiscus flower.  It is created over several weeks to naturally extract the medicinal benefits, deep red color and tartness from the herb and create a gorgeous flavorful artisan raw honey. With the combination of sweet honey and tart hibiscus, it tastes similar to fruit punch.

This batch in particular  was made with some very plump hibiscus and  you will find some still floating in the honey.  You can eat the herb straight from the jar! The consistency of this honey is thinner due to the honey pulling the water content and flavors from the raw herb.  Our infusions are predicted by mother nature, time and temperature.

This honey takes some time to make due to the cold process which allows us to preserve all the health benefits from the honey without exposing it to heat. We do not add any artificial ingredients or flavors. It is made with just two ingredients....Hibiscus and Honey! 

You wont be disappointed!

8 oz volume/12 oz weight glass jar

Customer Reviews

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Heather Verreault
Absolutely delicious

I love all things honey but the hibiscus was just like having dessert! Definitely Addictive! Will be buying more!


This stuff should be illegal! You have really outdone yourself. I have been eating it by the spoonful.

As a huge fan of hibiscus, I was not disappointed. It is bursting with flavor and the coloring is absolutely beautiful! I daresay this is my absolutely favorite infused honey I have had (and we have tried almost all of them LOL)

Thank you for always blowing my mind and taste buds!